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Outdoor Adventure Hire: Magnetic Island

Fishing, Snorkelling, Reef boards and more

Magnetic Adventure & Hire is your one-stop shop for all the adventure you can handle on your Magnetic Island holiday.

We have a wide range of gear you can hire for fishing on Magnetic Island – Rods, Pro Fishing Lure or Boat rigs, Cast nets, drag nets, eskies for bait and food, plus buckets and knives. Enjoy everything Magnetic Islands waters offer by hiring snorkeling or Reef boarding. At Magnetic Adventure & Hire you can hire a Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Stinger Suits, Noodles, Flotation Devices & Boogie boards. And of course, the amazing Reef board!

Reef Board Hire: Magnetic Island

Why Just Snorkel When You Can Reef board?

Snorkeling is a blast! But why suck air and water through a tube and see through a cloudy, leaky mask when you can see the underwater world through a giant, clear Reef Board HD VuScreen?

Reef board is fun for all ages—7 to 97. Our boards support up to 113kg. They are light and easy to carry and easy to maneuver.

Use your hands and/or feet to maneuver directly over the best underwater views without getting your hair wet! Take pictures of sea life through the window with your cell phone or camera, easily stored in the cargo net. Or attach a GoPro® video camera for action photos and underwater videos! Cameras also available for hire. Invisible air vents keep the viewing area cool and clear.

Hire for 4 hours, a day or a week from Magnetic Adventure & Hire

Fishing: Magnetic Island

Great Location, Great Fun

Hire a car from our partners at MI Rentals & Jeeps on Maggie and we will direct you to some local fishing locations. And keep up with the latest fishing adventures on our blog – Fishin’ Maggie.