Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Our elusive Croc has been travelling many km over the last week. Sighted in the Channel last Monday cruising towards town, then sighted off the strand Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here’s the latest from EHP to Magnetic Adventure & Hire (Sunday) is that he is not yet caught and is most likely the same male Croc as last year, looking for his female. Their last official sighting is in the Bohle, and they are still trying to catch him to relocate.

Irukandji in the Horseshoe Bay stinger nets caused closures for swimming 3 days out of 7 last week. I have never seen Horseshoe Bay as quiet on a Sunny day as last Friday.

A sad and angry tale has emerged of a Barra well over 120cm that was left just lying on the beach to rot at West point with its throat cut. There are some angry locals around who would like to know who the culprit is. If you have any knowledge drop in and see me at the shop.

Lovely cooler weather has been so refreshing late last week, giving us a small break from the ridiculous humidity. The weekend was without tourists, and businesses that are open are feeling the February pinch as the money dries up, us included.

More news on sharks, two massive sharks were sighted at the top of Gustav creek early last week. With the harbour full of bait and predators, it makes sense that the big predators would visit. I had two unstoppable’s on live mullet last week, both probably shark’s, they bit through wire trace like it was string. Were they the same Tigers? Besides Tiger sharks, some other massive visitors have been seen in the harbour. More next week.

Onshore Fishing

West Point has been producing a heap of smallish Trevally, schools of Tarpon, and yes lots of Barra. The biggest was a whopping 1.05 to Luke Masters. The Mangroves have been hot with evening action, through to midnight with the moons being perfect for late night luring, and the well placed mullet.

Horseshoe Bay had its share of action. Barra 60 to 80cm have been landed mid beach, and the Tarpon are also abundant and taking soft plastics. I just love playing with big Tarpon, they leap and twist and on light gear and really are top sport. I grabbed some R&R on Thursday morning and went to Horseshoe Bay for a look. Tarpon after Tarpon smashed my Squidgie at the boat ramp. The Prize catch of the week was also at Horseshoe but after dark, where Matt C caught a 108 Barra on a handline. Now that’s a Cracker of a Barra Well done Matt C. See Pic

An unusual catch occurred in the harbour with a thumpin big Craycaught on rod and reel. That’s an unusual but not unappreciated accidental catch.

Offshore Fishing

Close in fishing was all that could be managed last week, due to rough weather. However that was fine as there was some tremendous Barra action in Tinnies. Picnic Bay to West Point produced more than 30 Barra, (most catch and release.) Thanks to those who supplied some great photos. Caiden’s 94 Barra landed in the Harbour after an epic fight on light tackle has to be top moment too. Keep the Barra photos coming in and I’ll put the best shot in each week.

I have to say that this year the Barra fishing opening week has been top class. It’s a long time since I can say the Barra action was that intense in a 5 day period. That’s awesome for the Island.


There are many variables in sizes in working out Barra age. Food, climate and water quality included.

As a general guide

30-40cm =1 Year old,

50-60cm 2 Years Old

60-80cm 3 Years Old

1M plus 8 Years old

To be accurate you can count the rings on the scales. (Yes just like trees.)

Until next time gone Barra Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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