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What’s Happening On Maggie

I just had a weekend in Sydney visiting the family. Has anyone been in Sydney airport toilets lately? My God the signage makes you want to off yourself. In front of the urinals is the “dry eye test- stare at this for … seconds, ” and then there is the sink signs that proclaim, “Prostate Cancer kills more people than Breast Cancer”. Then not far from that on the wall is the “free pocket guide to heart attacks- save you or a family members life”, and on the dryer walls is the new one about “workplace depression”. Before my pee I was on top of the world, but afterward I was mentally building a list of things to talk to the Dr about. Soon I bet there will be an organisation dedicated to avoiding toilet depression.

Council sand works has now been completed at Horseshoe Bay, hopefully the efforts should sure up the remaining Beach Almond trees (Terminalia spp.) for a while longer. Over the two weeks of the project, the team moved 5000 tons of pristine sand from the southern end of the bay back to the main activity area. That’s a big effort, although 1000 plus tonnes have been eaten by the ocean already.

I was chatting to my friend at his car hire place, and we were laughing about those “special” questions visitors ask. His favourite for the week was when a customer asked him if the topless “barbie” cars had central locking. My mate said, if you can find doors you can have central locking. (BTW have you watched people hop in and out of those Barbie cars? There is no elegant way to exit those micros. Janie and I had a better visitors question, but you will have to wait until next week.

Well they say fishing and drinking go together, so here’s one for the boys on overnight reef trips and Westpoint fishing nights. Trials will begin next year on humans on the hangover pills. The pills have three enzymes that stop people getting drunk by neutralising the alcohol in their drinks in the body. It sounds like a big costly exercise, if after paying for full strength beer you then take a pill to neutralise it.

It’s just over a month to the banning of single use shopping bags, Maggie being in an ecologically sensitive area will benefit, though the fruit and vegetable bags are still fine, which seems a bit strange. Magnetic Adventure & Hire will cease one use bags shortly and offer a range of other options for you. Bait bags are still an issue and we rely on you anglers taking your rubbish with you.

And The Fishing Stuff

Fish of the week goes to Geoff with a great Mackerel of Picnic Bay Jetty. With thousands of herring still at the Jetty the mackerel are picky, as Nick has found out. It there anything more frustrating than watching macs play with your herring, grabbing then spitting the bait?

Shelley was out fished by her mother who hadn’t dropped a line for 15 years. They were fishing the end of the jetty, but Shelley’s biggest efforts only resulted in a lonely smelly remora. Mum on the other hand smashed out a sweet Trevally and a smashing Mackerel in short order to show she hasn’t lost her touch. Good on ya mum.

Young Jack hooked up big time, when his rod doubled over, and the massive fish went underneath the pylons. His dad Neil sprinted to his side to offer assistance, but by time he got there it was all over. A dejected Jack described the fish as big, and black and silver. I am not sure what that would’ve been, but he wants it back.

Just remember when you are heading all the way to the end of the Jetty to bait up that the shore end can often be more productive. We, several times last week were hooked up on fish near the boat ramp on the high tide while people strode past heading to the far end. High tide in the boat ramp area was productive with those big hungry queenies and hard-hitting trevally following bait into as little as 30cm of water.

With the Jelly Prawns back in Horseshoe Bay the most amazing bust ups are happening as all manner of fish follow the herring, sardines, mullet, nervous gar and other bait species that are stalking the tiny prawns.

People were blown away Thursday as 2 playful adult dolphins came up to the beach and chased baitfish all the way along the shoreline to the north. What a sight that would have been, send me some video guys.

Sunday morning, I was at Horseshoe Bay and hooked up a respectable golden trevally. It was peeling line off at a fast rate and I grabbed my iPhone, (filming is my fun place) and tried to record the fight. The video function was running when I asked my mate Jimmy to grab it and keep filming for me. When I got the hard fighting fish up onto the beach Jimmy passed the iPhone back and I said, ” Oh Jimmy you held it backwards.” My first 30 seconds is great, then it’s sand dunes, Jimmy’s face, trees and random people walking past on the beach, funny as.

Matt B has the photo of the week with a top Barra off the boat ramp, one of 3 hooked barra to 80cm chasing the mullet that are smashing the jelly prawns.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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