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Death adders are a part of Maggie life. Try not to walk around the backyard barefoot, pee behind the shed at night, or poke them with a stick and these recluse creatures will leave you alone. If they choose to strike they have one of the fastest snake strike speeds on earth. (0.15 seconds from strike ready to envenomate and back to strike ready.) Last week I heard an incredible tale from Rob, who watched an epic battle between a Pheasant Coucal and a Death adder in his yard at Horseshoe Bay. Our reclusive Maggie Pheasant Coucals come across as clumsy and totally unco, and it’s not uncommon to see them run into a tree or stagger clumsily across the roads. This one however managed to take on an adult death adder and win. The epic battle was photographed as the coucal pecked and moved back faster than the strike until the Adder was dead. Nature at its most violent.

Holidays equals good sales? Absolutely. Sometimes you can suddenly double your sales. A visiting angler bought a Fishhunter combo from Magnetic Adventure & Hire and decided to have a fish down Gustav creek. Relaxed in holiday mode and chatting away he was dismayed to see the rod heading up the creek towed by a large fin. When he came instore and bought another identical rig and told Jo on counter he was pretty cool with it all, the unplanned expense likely coming out of his beer allowance.

My thumbs up this week to our local Council boys. I did a recent off island road trip and the roadkill and rubbish I observed was pretty sad, plus BBQs poorly cleaned and maintained. Then you come back here and see the difference. Our boys get out there 7 days a week, remove roadkill before it causes danger, keep the BBQ’s spotless and are always looking for issues to fix, and have an eye for detail. The lack of roadside rubbish is a credit to all. Great job.

Bad luck Anaru, dropping a big Barra in Nelly Bay on live mullet. Barra are lazy at this time of year in the relatively cold water. Barra are still holding in several locations, but they are very hard to entice to strike. Live Mullet and very noisy slow retrieved lures in Horseshoe Bay and the Harbour, as well as at Westpoint are the best options.

The first Spaniard of the beach was quite respectable at 8.5 kg off the northern rocks at Westpoint. Dave had just watched a small boil up in the drop off and swapped his squid vicious for a spoon. It was all he had that was shiny, but it worked as on second cast the Spaniard smashed it and headed toward Pallarenda. That’s a top catch off the beach at any time.

Holiday Fishing Focus Horseshoe Bay

With winds expected to continue this week, one of our most magnificent and weather protected fishing bays is Horseshoe Bay. For anglers this bay attracts some serious attention. Species caught in the last 2 weeks in Horseshoe Bay are impressive. They include. GT’s, Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Tarpon, Wolf Herring, School Mac’s Dart, Flathead, Blue Bone, Blue Salmon, Yellow Stripey, Barra (1), Cod, and a few others.

Southern End – Warm Shallows

This end past the Michelle and Adrian’s awesome gelato shop (stop for a Mango Gelato first,) is shallow sandy and well protected, with sun warmed waters. It is a Flathead and Whiting haven. Small gar, baitfish and prawns congregate in the shallows, and predators come in to feed and sunbake. At the creek in the very shallow water big bar-tailed Flathead will take a Gulp soft plastic twitched slowly through the outgoing current. Using smaller lures produces the best results, and sun up, high tides and sunset are the best. Small poppers Sunset luring gives the most spectacular photo opportunities as the rainbow colours are spectacular from this end. As this area is serviced by restaurants, bottle shop and surf lifesaving it is a favourite. Fly anglers love this section and can wade out deep in search of Trevally.

Boat Ramp – Morning / Evening

When the bait is holding the boat ramp area of Horseshoe Bay is gold for morning and evening fishing for many big fish species. Water sports and Jet Ski’s operate in the area during the day, so keep clear of the ramp during operational times and boats launching. This area can get you the prized fish you came to find, big Queenies, Barra, GT’S, Golden Trevalley and of course the hard fighting Tarpon. For the bait angler’s prawns will get you Grunter, (Barred/ Silver Javelin) Dart, Trevally and other passing species. Strip baits can get you some big predators but watch out for Rays, sharks and the common shovelnose shark that will give your gear a big workout.  Fast retrieve lures, slow luring, soft plastics, and part peeled prawns are a must. Also close to restaurants, cafés and beverages, this area has chairs and BBQ areas with plenty of shade. Cook your catch on the spot.

Northern Horseshoe Bay – Deeper Water

Accessible by vehicle from Pollard Street off Apjohn St, park at the end, then a short hike over a sand dune, is the northern end of Horseshoe Bay. With rocks to your left and sandy beach with steep drop-offs, this is a top area to lure for all sorts of Pelagic species or climb the rocks for Coral Trout Nannygai and Cod. Quiet and secluded, this is a great evening picnic spot. Plant the rods in the sand and play some ball sports with the kids while waiting for a hungry Queenfish or Salmon to peel the line off your rod. Best baits are strip bait, whole poddy mullet, big squid and prawn. The best lures are long distance casting slugs, bigger poppers, RMG 2+ and any of your favourite blue water lures.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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