Fishin’ Maggie

The Felix.

Lots of rumours abound about the 229.66-foot-long (Yes, the .66 is important) 1622 tonne superyacht Felix that has been visiting the island, residing in Horseshoe, Geoffrey and recently Nelly Bay. The mere thought of hauling anchor and starting those 2 enormous 1850 HP Caterpillar motors to move a couple km each time seems unusual, but the truth is that the visitors are enjoying sampling our different bays. Last Friday the local cold stores truck was at the Townsville boat ramp as the crew loaded huge amounts of supplies onto 2 tenders to reprovision for the next leg of the trip. Although you can’t find much online about the owners, they have enjoyed exploring our island and visiting all our local shops. From the U.S.A. these 11 lovely people are spending 3 months exploring our coast with 17 crew including the Captain, an Aussie from Coffs Harbour N.S.W. It appears we are on everyone’s visit map these days, thanks for coming. Needless to say, they didn’t try to top off their 281,000 litre fuel tanks at Magnetic Adventure & Hire.

Stats. Built by Amadeus Yachts in 2007, refurbished 2014, she has 7 guest cabins and cost about 100 million dollars. Special features include

Golf driving range

Elevator through 3 decks

14-person cinema

Custom Steinway piano

Deck Jacuzzi.

Now that is really living, and upkeep costs? $15 Million P.A, even a lotto win won’t get you over that line, and yes they have fishing rods on board.

Been To Aims?

For all you long time island anglers that haven’t taken a trip to the amazing Institute of Marine Science at Cape Ferguson, you must do it. It’s an incredible place. I bet you didn’t know there is tours of the facility every Friday between March and November.

Tours begin at 9:30am and end at approximately 11:45am. They include presentations on AIMS’ current research and a guided walk around the facilities, including a tour of the ‘world’s smartest aquarium’, the National Sea Simulator.

Bookings are essential and close at 4 pm on the Wednesday before the tour. If you haven’t been grab a mate (not to hard) and go check it out.

Cooking Cuda, Why Would You?

Now I have been contradicted several times when I call Barracudas crap eating, and again this week 2 anglers came in and told me they caught and ate the Barracudas they caught. Now you can eat them, have fun with it, I find the meat bland and dry, better off eating the bait. However, a word of warning, the bigger ones can be Ciguatera carriers. In addition, they can have high mercury content. KK caught one last week that weighed in at 14kg which is slightly smaller than his previous one that topped 17kg, now that is a monster fish. No, he doesn’t eat them, that size is a huge risk.

For the lovers of Mud crab, I hear Bikini Tree is doing Whole Mud crab as well as whole Rotisserie Fish on Thursdays, check them out.

We all know how fast our local crafty Kookaburras are at stealing food right off the BBQ and out of your hand, but a Horseshoe Bay couple found out the hard way that they attack other things as well. This super tough Kookaburra swooped on their fishing lure, grabbed it and proceeded to destroy it by bashing to death until the hooks flew out before flying off. One can only assume the Kookaburra dropped the prize lure after failing to soften the body enough to swallow.

And The Fishing Reports

There have been big Mangrove Jacks 40-48cm being caught in the western side creeks including the shallow waters of Retreat and Ned Lees Creeks. The small prawns are back and that’s just the ticket to entice them to strike. with lures concentrate your efforts around the pressure points, and heavy structure, on the tide drop. If the water is too high the Mangrove Jacks won’t be sitting out far enough to entice a strike. Those Zerek prawns are gold, and have been working a treat, but the midges are brutal, one mate of mine was red raw all down the legs by the time he leapt into some soothing fresh water and frantically grabbed for a bucket of Calamine Lotion. Tip wear long pants or stinger suit.

With the local boating anglers out on the weekend there have been reports of increased levels of quality Spanish Mackerel getting around closer inshore and even inside Horseshoe Bay, as well as the wreck area a couple of KM off Orchard Rocks. (Have a sound around 19.05.208 146.51.368) Other boats chasing any Mackerel at the shipping channel pylons, especially S5 have also been doing well catching some nice Spanny’s around 7-10kg, as well as plenty of the school mackerel. Over on the weed beds at the Cape where the bait is concentrated, success can be achieved either trolling small hard bodies like my Qantas Lure and the Mullet or setting anchor and starting a burley trail with a pilchard floating out on a set of smaller 2/0 gang hooks on leader. There have also been some Fingermark in Horseshoe Bay.

The boats headed offshore have done well lately, at Bomber, and around the reefs. On the Bomber there have been some good quality Cobia up to 15kg, some nice Spanish mackerel, while up in the shallower water the trouts haven’t been around in huge numbers, but there has been plenty of red throat emperors filling up the eskies, at least on rods.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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