Fishin’ Maggie

What’s New On The Rock

Well I’m not going to say the name of who capsized the boat and lost all their spearfishing gear but I will give you better prices than you can get online for replacements, come see me, and yes we do layby.

Prodive’s boat trip to Keeper Reef on Friday encountered no less than 7 whale pods, plus dolphins, in a truly spectacular day on the water. We are exceptionally lucky to have all the quality dive companies operating from the island. a snorkelling trip to the reef here is as good a day as any Cairns trips, albeit a much longer trip out and back. Our reefs have recovered fully now from the devastation of Yasi. The snorkelling even around Maggie has been exceptional. Adam from Aquascene Charters was telling me the water was so clear you could see the ocean floor around Orchard Rocks, and across to the Island. Clarity can be a double-edged sword with several snorkellers encountering venturing further out than they should have and requiring assistance from a passing boat to take them back in.

A 4.5 kg Fingermark on Vibe? That’s the way fishing should be. As the Fingermark get hungry, they venture out during the day searching for food. There have been some impressive catches this week, including fish to 6kg This particular fish ran straight back under the Argonaught wreck, but when the wiley angler let the line loose, the unlucky fish ventured back out of the hole and was promptly brought into the boat.

Grunter are back on the chew, early morning at Westpoint, 5-7 am. If you don’t fancy Javelin fish as a feed check out the squid getting hooked at the jetty with hundreds in nightly for a feed around the weed beds. Reports of 12 in a night session from locals and travellers alike. We are used to getting schools of smaller ones, but these have some decent weight to them. Well done Blade on your 10, and I know you are trying out my Kiwifruit Marinade suggestion.

Bomber wreck and the Northern Marlin grounds have been productive for Spaniards from 6-20 kg as the bait schools leave the shoals barren of Spaniards.

For the lovers of the Queenfish antics, plenty of 60-80 cm fish have been doing their acrobatics at Picnic Bay after hooking up on live Herring presented by keen southern anglers. Great fun and for spectators a wonderful show, these impressive fish are here for a while yet, so get into them. I remember a young fella who having caught a meter Queenie, kept it on the jetty for hours to show off to all the walkers, then proceeded to walk through the Mall, past the pub with the fish even though his Dad was in the carpark the opposite direction, that’s bragging rights right there.

Billfish Tournament

This year for the first time the Annual Billfish Tournament will be based right here on Magnetic Island with the Marlin Bar hosting the afternoon events and meetings. The sight of 20 plus Marlin boats should provide quite the spectacle as they soak up the sunsets after chasing those elusive Marlin all day. With $40,000 in prizes up for grabs the competition will be fierce, but the camaraderie at these events is the true drawcard with evening events quite often the highlight of the day. With small Marlin within 20km of Maggie some of the smaller boats will have great chances to win the big prizes. It’s not too late to join the Game fishing Club, call Mick on 0417792416. I am keen on entering again this year, having one Marlin last year, one can only improve.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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