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Whats New On The Rock

Tommy, our friendly resident koala, had a sex change last week. Before you ring the RSPCA, or the Jerry Springer Show, let me explain. For the last year since young Tommy came to live near us at the shop and keep many people entertained, he has always been called a male. It was just one of those things. Well, what happened was that we heard loud grunting noises, (not the staff this time) and so I walked across the road to investigate. A large male koala had come a courting’ Tommy and was encroaching on its territory.  Mid-morning, poor Tommy had backed as far down the branch of her home tree as she could and was hanging precariously on the flimsiest twig over the Magnetic Adventure & Hire sign. I was debating whether to send one of the team to stand under the tree to catch the poor girl in the event of her falling. The male had the luxury of sitting on the thick end of the same branch chilling out, catching some ZZZ’s. Every time Tommy attempted a jailbreak he woke up for a brief second and grunted loudly at her. This situation endured all day, and after nightfall…. well nobody is really sure what ensued, although there were many noises. Since then our gorgeous Tommy has been much scarcer, but Alpha male Trevor has been hanging out around our patch much more often. The antics of koalas are can entertaining and confusing, but we are still unsure as to the whereabouts of little Tommy. Upon watching the Male grunting and the girl shrieking one traveller commented that he didn’t know Koalas ate birds. When we queried this, he had misinterpreted all the action on the tree and the crows flying around to be Koalas attacking birds. There’s a new one for you.

Whales in the Bay, everyone knows they are back. The bigger news is the Dugongs at play.  A mother and calf Dugong have been entertaining onlookers in Whitfield Cove while others have been regularly sighted in 5 Beach Bay area. The weed beds have now almost fully recovered since Yasi and it’s a pleasure to see these graceful giants back on our shores.

Fishing Maggie

I am stoked to see the action is increasing in Horseshoe Bay with 2 smashing 2-4 kg Fingermark to Bill and Drue off the rocky shoal areas at northern Horseshoe Bay. These prize sporting and eating fish, also called Golden Snapper annihilated big soft plastics to end up well earned dinners. Legal size Reds are also on the chew on the turn of the tide.

WestPoint is action aplenty with the holiday makers reaping BBQ fish dinners off the beach on the dropping tide. GT’s have been smashing blue pilchard flashers thrown in over the sands, not huge but 60cm Trevally are gold on light gear. To get into the action, throw in a line, anywhere all the way from the Rocky shoals to the Mangrove line at Young Bay just after the high. Big fat line stretching Blue Salmon are back in numbers, whilst Flathead are smashing soft plastics on the run out. Congratulations Lewis on a 51cm and he released at least 8 more in a blinding session on Saturday. For those anglers who bait fish with a little finesse, try peeled local prawns floated over the top of the shoals on the turning high tides for Grunter and Trevally. Goldie’s are plentiful and top eating baked in foil with a little lemon Pepper and a couple of bruised Australian garlic cloves.

Bad luck to Ray who dropped a Coral Trout off the Nelly Bay Rocks on a live Pillie. The video frustratingly good watching as the big fish comes to the surface and takes the offered livey but manages to bend the rod and get back to its hole. At least you know where it is mate.

For the boaties, big Coral Trout, 4kg plus Golden Trevally and Spotty Mackerel, are on the chew on the points around Maggie, and off Orchard Rocks. The good news is they are all quality eating fish plus good fighters.

Last weekend on the new moon the harbour had several days where hundreds of squid followed small pilchard schools into the harbour. The place to be is on the southern beach with squid light this week if they stay around.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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