Fishin’ Maggie

Clark Kent Lives

I did my gruelling Coxswains orals on Friday and passed, which means I will get my Coxswains licence very soon. Elated, I called Janie and suggested a trip to Peppers for a beverage to celebrate. Bolting from work, I chucked a pair of shorts on and the closest shirt, a superman T-Shirt and we headed off for a relaxing bevy. Coming home 30 minutes later around the marina walkway, Janie and I saw a man with a young boy about 3 years old. The boy saw me, and his face teared up and he screamed ” SUPERMAN” and ran towards us. He grabbed Janie’s (Lois?) legs in the biggest cuddle and then straight to me. I lifted him up and as he started playing with my not super hair and telling me all the stories about me and Batman and Robin and was he so excited my heart just melted. I gently lowered my newest fan to the ground and as we said goodbye. As we walked away the excited conversation between he and his father/grandfather? was an absolute crack-up. We heard joyful exclamations of WOW! SUPERMAN! WOW! all around the marina, he was so excited. I don’t know who you were young man, but you made my year. I understand Santa jobs now; the buzz must be amazing.

Who threw the fish out?

Some good-natured complaints on the Jetty as an American angler released all his catch including a beautiful Coral Trout. From the feedback I got the man was doing ok until the Coral Trout was released, with other anglers crying out in despair. Apparently, the gentleman is a Marine research something or other and was just out for some fishing fun.                                          The Herring can raise some pretty big fish, but the Remoras have been hanging around the Jetty as well, slimy but ravenously hungry. One big Spaniard tested the line and caused 3 people to join forces to get it to the beach, the last volunteer diving into the water at the ramp to grab the trace and complete the catch. The fish weighed a respectable 8kg.

Mayday at a Wedding

What’s the worst time to get a marine Mayday call. The answer is in the middle of a marine based wedding. There was an amazing wedding at Radical Bay last week, a very well-orchestrated wedding involving transfers from Sealink, Aquascene and getting guests to the shore. Unfortunately, in the middle of this intricate manoeuvre, a Mayday call came through from a yacht in distress and Radical/Balding Bay. Some of the wedding party including Bride and Groom got to tag along as the rules of the sea dictate that the Mayday signal must be responded to immediately, lives at risk. Fortunately, the persons on the yacht were ok and the ceremony could be completed without too much delay.

Cockle Bay Blues

A big tinny went under at Cockle Bay as the rough weather caused the boat to fill with water and capsize. Also strange is the mystery surrounding the big Catamaran, parked there for so long and Radical Bay Camping

I have heard stories about some semi-permanent campers at Radical Bay. Radical has no toilets and the people dropping in complaining have told me that there needs to be something done. I will be looking into this next week and have some more news for you. There is always going to be a need for toilets at Westpoint and Radical Bay, two of the favourite bays for visitors and locals.

And the fishing reports

There is a Townsville spearo who has a spot off Liver Point in 15m of water, He reports hundreds of Fingermark inhabit this hole and he travels over regularly to bag out. I’m interested in this spot if anyone knows the location?

Off White Lady Bay is reports of smaller schools of these great fighting and eating fish, not far off the shark buoys.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale


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