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My son Mitchell has been up here for a week of fishing and adventure. We love doing nature walks both the island and off, as well as filming all sorts of adventures and ideas. For example, rubbing bananas on lures then trying to hook up. This time we did some mainland travelling and filming freshwater fishing and river ecology. One of the things I watched on You Tube once was a crab pot with camera and I thought it was awesome seeing the crabs getting in and out of the pot and trying to get to the bait. Janie came home and thought I was loony watching 45 minutes of crabs circling a pot. Mitch and I set a pot in the marina and got some crazy footage of the crab antics. It helps you understand the way the pots work as well. After watching I am a convert to round pots over rectangle, seeing crabs keep walking when they can’t get in is like watching your dinner guests leave without a farewell.

Morton Bay Bug in a scoop net? Done that. Fishing the other day, we were staggered to see a grey shape speeding across the surface of the ocean. We sped up to check it out and yep it was a moron bay bug with a place to go and fast. Mitch grabbed the little scoop net from the live bait tank and jumped overboard. The boys tried to grab the speedy crustacean, (also called a slipper lobster) but he changed directions and sped off straight into the waiting net of Mitch, who scooped the bug from the water. All would have been good, but the bug had better ideas and flipped back into the water and disappeared back into the deep. That was a new one on me, never seen a speeding bug on the top before.

Night Fishing Maggie

Night fishing on Maggie? Don’t mind it at all, we have a superb night fishery, and this is full moon week big night tides and all our favourite fish love that. With tourist season here, you are all asking what the best fish to target at night are, close in. There are plenty to choose from but the fish I will concentrate on are 4 of the best table fish in QLD an all available fight off our shores.

1.Mangrove Jack

One of the best fighting fish and always active at night is the voracious Mangrove Jack. The love the harbour walls, particularly around the head of the Marina and all the way around the rock walls. Jacks can be targeted with live bait and slab bait but will also take a prawn and a noisy vibe or Ballista night lure. There are also Jack pressure points right up close to the mangroves in Cockle Bay and Young Bay.

Mangrove Jacks are by far my favourite fighting fish pound for pound.  Not only do they fight like demons that will have you smoked in seconds, while you sit on the harbour wall dozing with live Hardy Heads. Get your livies under the bridge or off the marina beach area opposite the ferry terminal.

2. Fingermark

Surprised? Don’t be. Not as common as Jacks, Fingermark can be fished in the same spots as well as off the Picnic Bay Jetty at night. They love squid, chunk baits, slab baits and vibes, and love hanging around rocks in numbers. Recent catches have been in Nelly Bay and Westpoint.


One of the locals all time favourite table fish Grunter or Javelin fish are superb eating fish. Loving the nights and the turn of the tide they are best targeted with peeled prawns and small whole Gar or Gar fillet. The love the sandy holes and are most often targeted at Westpoint where they give a good account of themselves.

4. Barramundi

Often overlooked on the island, they really are here in great numbers. Barra inhabit many of the rock caves around Maggie and come in at night to feed the shallow waters. There are several big Barra living under Picnic Bay Jetty and they grow large and smart in the Harbour. Easiest caught at Westpoint, Young Bay and Horseshoe Bay Barra love noisy lures, Ballista night Poppers as well as Gulp and Z Man soft plastics. One of the new lures for Barra arriving soon at Magnetic Adventure & Hire is the Live target Mullet. “Live Target’s”  Hollow Body series has quickly gained a big-time following. The mullet bait can be used in a walk-the-dog retrieve or burned across the surface for a splashy, bubbly trail that draws strikes.

The bait is virtually snag-proof, enabling use in our mangroves and other sticky cover. Available in three sizes and two colours,


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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