Fishin’ Maggie

Accidental Car Theft

We had just picked up someone from the ferry for a hire car, a silver RAV4, and were doing their paperwork when a visitor from Tropical Palms hire cars came in for a chat about fishing. We sorted out both customer’s needs and were walking our hire car customer over to his vehicle when the Tropical Palms guy jumped in it and drove away. So, I’m running after the car (I hate running) shouting at him to stop and I’m sure my customer thinks I’m a loony, but the guy keeps going. I come back and explain to my guy that his car was the subject of accidental theft and he bursts out laughing. Eventually the guy realises the car isn’t his and sheepishly drives back up to the store. Our first car theft, luckily not a real one!

Tommie The Sweet Mummy Koala Attacked By Dogs

Distressingly this week 2 dogs at a property on Mandalay Avenue attacked and severely injured Tommie the nursing mother koala that lived opposite the shop and has caused so much happiness to so many. Tommie’s antics and her so cute baby have been recorded by international visitors and posted on Facebooks and blogs across the world. Tommie is currently in the care of the wonderful and talented Ali Bee at the Maggie Koala Hospital. I will keep you updated although things aren’t looking promising as she has severe head injuries. Tommie’s baby boy, now named Jedi, luckily escaped injury and is also in Ali’s care.

Some attacks are dogs are within their yard boundaries and nothing can be done if wildlife wander into the yard. In other cases, we have too many people with dogs that are not restrained and are a danger to our wildlife. If you don’t care about wildlife remember this.      1. Koalas are in sharp decline and well protected by law. As responsible dog owners please do whatever you can to help protect them.

  1. Many visitors come to see koalas in the wild and that puts money in everyone’s pocket one way or another. Koalas are one of our big drawcards, we need to protect them.

3.Magnetic Adventure & Hire will be supporting and helping to fund the Koala Hospital and identify people who do not properly restrain their dogs. Please review your animals’ security and their access to our wonderful wildlife. There have been reports this week of 2 unrestrained dogs in Picnic Bay where 2 juvenile Koala’s live. Call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 878 001.

  1. Remember, we have 1-1.5 percent of Australia’s remaining Koalas, that’s a big responsibility right there.

On average 110 koalas are attacked and killed by dogs each year.

*Take extra care with your dog when koalas are breeding Between July and November, adult koalas will be moving around in search of mates, with males trying to establish their dominance over an area. At this time independent young, born the previous year, will also be leaving their mothers’ home range in search of new areas. This is the time of year when koalas are at their most vulnerable to dog attack and dog owners should do whatever they can to keep koalas safe.

*Keep your dog restrained at night, limiting their boundaries within the yard can keep them clear of koalas as they move through the yard.

*Don’t assume your dog is koala friendly. Train them not to chase and attack smaller animals.

*Check the trees in your yard to see if koalas are present and if there are, keep your dog away from the area until the koalas come down and move on.

*If you are concerned about a koala in your yard being under threat, please call Ali at the Koala Hospital on 0428 785 488 or Jay on 0405 677 454. They will be able to come and collect the koala and relocate to a safer area.

Coral Reef Fish Closure

6 October 2018 to 10 October 2018 No Take on coral reef fish during this spawning time.

The Big Nasties

Picnic Bay Jetty has seen a large visitor, a 3m Tiger shark that is cruising through the bay late in the evenings. One Maggie angler has been very keen on catch and release of this major Apex predator, but after several nights has still to land the beast that he has seen cruising past the pylons. Tigers are number 2 in the bite humans stats after Great Whites but are generally after other prey. One of their favourite food sources is our turtles.

West Point occasionally gets a visitor from the mainland in search of a mate or food. Over the years I have been hear the frequency is about one big Croc every 2 years, not bad at all. Some anglers at West Point this week got a shock as a passing 3m croc dropped in to check what was on their lines. The local boys decided it was time to leave. Several sightings of the big reptile meant a mandatory call to parks. If you see it around the Island call Croc Watch on 1300 300 172

Chuck In Some Barra And Jacks

The Jacks have been firing at West Point, exciting the late-night anglers chasing Barra with the rewards of one of the better eating fish. 40-50 cm are great fighting fish, and many would say its better eating than Barra. Finding a big Barra with only 4 weeks to go until closure is the big goal, and many hours need to be invested, so grab a picnic dinner and head out to West Point or Cockle Bay. There are plenty of Trevally to keep you entertained between Jacks, and the odd Queenie.

…And The Offshore Fishing Reports

Cape Cleveland has finally started firing with 10-14kg Spaniards in large schools heading through the weed beds and off the rocky headland. Local anglers on Saturday bagged out in next to no time, although some had to replenish Halco lures destroyed by the big fish. In large schools Spaniards are extra aggressive and can destroy gear in frenzied attacks.

Lodestone is fishing better than I have seen it in a long time, the Coral Trout have been big and the reef itself looks in great condition. We were snorkelling there recently, and the fish life is abundant, great to see. For the Reds you need to go deeper, Arab and the slashers has been producing big Reds and Sea Bream, one of the better table fish. With the fin fish closure though chase Mack’s and Cobia off the Cape instead.

Keep an eye on Facebook for updated pics and locations that are firing.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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