Fishin’ Maggie

Wrapping Up The Week

All our bays received 30mm plus of much needed rain, wasn’t that awesome? So we should see a little greening of the dead grass, and a little less dust for a week or so, more of the Marsh Fly’s that had already started hatching and biting everyone, and hopefully some new growth on the Eucalyptus trees that the Koalas need.

Another embarrassing moment last week with a rental car, yep there’s’ always a story in retail and tourism.  I was pulled over near the Arcadia Hotel on the way to a gas delivery because one of my daughters had called me on the phone. We were having a chat and I had the windows up and the A/C on. Behind me the Kia Soul hire car was parked at Arkie’s, (that’s the funky Gangster style car with MI Rentals all over it, you can’t miss that one coming.) As we were chatting my phone went dead and I was calling out hello, hello loudly, thinking my phone had an issue. Suddenly, I realised the truth and quickly put the phone into Airplane mode. What happened? you guessed it, I had connected that car to my phone via Bluetooth last trip south and it auto connected. The poor buggers had started the car, and suddenly they hear guy and girl voices coming through the speakers, calling out “HELLO, HELLO TALK TO ME, ARE YOU THERE ??” It freaked them right out let me tell you, not part of your average hire experience.

There is a lot of negative feedback about the upcoming price rises in all drinks associated with recycling, the idea being to have a loading on all drinks and get credits for returns. Unlike Townsville we have no facility yet to get the credit for bottles. While great in theory the tax is fast becoming just another imposition on the Island. We are suffering rapid fuel increases, transport increases, grains increasing with drought and now packaging rises. Magnetic Adventure & Hire is investigating a returns system so stay tuned.

Mick and the boys were sitting in their boat Horseshoe Bay having a chill at the end of the day. A decent size adult Green Sea Turtle surfaced and gave them the once over before starting to do a leisurely dive. Seconds later the water surged and a 2m plus Tiger took the turtle from below in a frenzied attack devouring the unfortunate creature in seconds with the shell left to sink to the ocean floor. The guys were stunned, a rare thing to witness, nature at its most violent and yet so chillingly natural.

The reported Croc seemingly continues its circumnavigation of the island, presumably looking for a non-existent potential mate as it heads around Maggie. As it passed through Geoffrey Bay it startled an IGA staff member who pulled her dog to safety as the predator slid back into the safety of the warming waters. Having found no mates to play with my guess is this dude will head back to town, or already has.

Spawning Closures

The reef spawning closure has finished but there were a couple of issues that were reported to me about some locals fishing around the island that we all need to be aware of. Several people were noticed bottom bouncing in heavy reef fin fish areas. The concept about Fin Fish Closures is to avoid stressing them at all and in those times go fishing for pelagic’s and stay away from reef areas. Even pulling them up puts stress on the spawning fish, so please leave them alone. Catch and release for the sport of it is not the go either as this defeats the purpose. Next closure dates are November 5th through to 9th

The second thing to note was the reports on Tuesday that told of hundreds of adult Tarpon were seen packed up against the beachhead under the bridge at Nelly about 10 am, quite a spectacular sight, and very odd behaviour. I did some research, and it seems that after congregating and spawning at sea, Tarpon can swarm back into an area for a bit of chilling together in harbours and estuaries, how cool is that, and they were big fish too. Although the spawning seems to have coincided with Reef Fish they actually spawn more often.

The Fishing Stuff

Sight Fishing? There’s not much better fun to be had with lures. The ability to see the fish in the clear water and toss a lure in the path of the prowling fish and hook up. That’s the best feeling, seeing the magic as the fish moves through the water and strikes. Now on the island this experience is attributed to the magnificent and powerful Queenfish, a pelagic fish like none other, massive mouth, speeds past 20km/h with their thin but powerful bodies, aerial antics and the ability to fight to near death. Not rated as an eating fish, the books rate it as eat same day, but the truth is it is sold commercially as boneless fillet, firm meat for curries like Thai green.

West Point is seeing a run of these awesome fish, sweeping in for a feed run and taking well placed lures, soft plastics and shiny Twisties. Give it a go, over the flats on the low tide in shallow clear water.

Chris has a real conundrum. He works around the Peppers area and is watching the big Barra move through the harbour during the day. At one stage last week there were over a dozen Barra to 1m schooled up and taunting. Chris decided to drop a line while working. (There’s only so much an angler can bear to watch without taking a stand.

Check out the pic of the big Golden Trevally caught off West Point by Brett Povey from Bredbo NSW, near Cooma, (population 352 when he’s not away on holidays). The fish gave them quite a run before succumbing to become dinner.

Well done to the boys for catching a hard hitting 50cm Mangrove Jack on the western side of Maggie at night. The powerful Jack. Was caught by Ethan and Isaac and one of 6 big fired up Jacks smashing baits after dark. Great catch boys.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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