Fishin’ Maggie

Wrapping Up The Week

A wonderful family in Arcadia lost both of their dogs to a Death Adder last week. This is the time where all snakes are moving around so remember to be cautious at this time of year and keep the leaf mulch cleaned up. Incidentally there is a study starting in November that is going to find and radio tag 14 Death Adders to study their movements.  On the surface that would seem to be some slow-moving tags. but researchers hope to learn more about the Death Adders movements.

In the other incident I was down at Picnic Bay beach chatting to Janie on the phone when I heard a lady screaming and the sounds of dogs growling and another yelping in agony. I jumped from the car and there were 2 dogs attacking a woman, and her little dog, Mia. The lady was walking Mia on a lead and was set upon by these dogs, that have allegedly been reported prior for harassing people at Picnic Bay. I grabbed the injured Mia and owner into my car and headed to the vet while someone called 000. Bill the vet came and started urgent surgery on the dog while Kerry ambo came and treated the very distressed Lisa’s wounds. This plucky dog, while in a world of pain and fear unfortunately had a go at Bill the vet while he was treating her. After Bill had done all he could he came in to Magnetic Adventure & Hire and we dressed his wounds. Sadly. the much-loved pet died 30 hours after the savage attack. The dogs who attacked the poor little mite were taken to Townsville by the dog catcher and euthanised. This is an incident that could have been avoided with the correct fencing to retrain the dogs. Even if your dogs are the Harry Houdini of the canine world, it is still your responsibility as the owner to ensure measures are taken to restrain them.  We have a unique island, but it can be destroyed by pets not properly fenced or leashed. Is there a plan for a dog park? It seems to me that in this instance 3 dogs have died unnecessarily, and there are no winners in these situations.

The Fishing Stuff

The Grey season is warming up just a little with a trickle of stories of intermittent fish mainly 60-95cm and moving fast. I went for a look on Saturday to test the repairs to my boat that have been ongoing. Cruising past X-Base I saw the most amazing sight. A Mack about 110cm in length launched out of the water and completed an arc, that at its maximum height would have tipped 4m. That’s twice the height of my boats Bimini. I did the obvious, gunned the Merc and took off over near the spot dropped back to 4.2kn and dropped the troll lines. Small white bait schools were there but that must have been the only Mack, no other predators were showing on the sounder. I’ve had a chat since and one pro reckons Mack’s do that manoeuvre when expelling roe, (sounds plausible but I haven’t checked.) I did end up getting my 5-bag limit but not till sunset, and much deeper out. Most were smaller fish, just over legal length. I get frustrated with filming because you often sacrifice landing the fish just for the love of getting footage. I had a chance to gaff a big one, (1m plus) as I hauled him in, he was oblivious to the boat, but I chose to pull the phone out to film instead, bad move. While I’m fumbling around it decided to rack off and pulled the trebles out on his way back down to safety. On Sunday I took Karl out for a spin and we got some bigger fish.

Coral Trout are easy prey now, ravenous and with empty stomachs after spawning. The 2 big fish I trolled up last week were both totally without any stomach contents.

John and Josh have headed out with 12 others to Flinders Reef for 7 days. That’s a dream trip out 120 Nautical miles. I can’t wait for the pics as there are some monster Dogtooth Tuna out there.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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