Fishin’ Maggie

Wrapping Up The Week

After a windy couple of weeks on the water, and pesky Northerlies at that, it was great to see some relatively good conditions return over the last few days. Plenty of anglers chucked their boats in and played on the calm side of Maggie on the weekend. Horseshoe Bay has been lumpy and weedy, and the brisk night winds claimed a yacht on Sunday night as the sizeable vessel dragged onto the beach near the boat ramp. Police attended but there’s very little they could do.

Matt H was snorkelling off Geoffrey Bay Friday, when he saw a glint in the water. He discovered an epaulette shark, with a coke can necklace. This poor shark had the base of a soft drink can, without the centre wrapped around its neck, and already cutting in to the flesh. Matt did some careful surgery, cutting off the aluminium, and let the shark go, a reminder that the consequences of littering can be fatal to marine life.

On the shark subject, Horseshoe Bay had another temporary beach closure as a small shark was sighted near the swimming area. This is always a sensitive topic, but I think anytime we are snorkelling reefs and the sharks are present, that’s a healthy marine ecology. However, I understand sharks and swimmers mixed together can be a risk, and authorities are duty bound to act. The shark issues are not one to be easily resolved but I hope the ones near where I snorkel are always well fed and lazy. I did read in the shark stats that 2 people were killed by Tiger shark attack many moons ago at Lodestone Reef where I love to snorkel with pristine coral and heaps of fish life. I think we have bigger chances of being in car accidents, but it’s the fear factor that keeps it in the mind.

The Koala Hospital has a new visitor, a very small baby who was the victim of human contact. The mother was on the ground and the baby was picked up by some visitors and the mother disappeared. Despite several searches from volunteers over several hours the mother has not been found and now the baby is in care. If you do spot a koala in a tree please do not climb the tree to try to pat or hold it, as some visitors to the island have been found doing recently. A reminder to enjoy our wildlife from a distance and if you see anyone climbing the trees or trying to pick koalas up please tell them this is not allowed and report the incident immediately to the Koala Rescue team in case of any injury or danger to the koala.

Contact Ali on 0428 785 488 or Jay on 0405 677 454.

The Fishing Stuff

Josh and the boys got a 700lb Black Marlin, that’s a monster fish off Flinders. The beast put up a huge showing. The boys just returned from 7 days 120 nautical miles out to see playing with Dogtooth Tuna, GT’s and of course Marlin. What a trip of a lifetime, big boats and plenty of beer included of course.

There were anglers out on the water chasing Barra before the season closure, which is now over, the Barra are safe for 3 months, (and no, they are not now called Pink Eyed Salmon.) Over the weekend, there were a couple of beauties caught but many stories of the one that got away. Matt lost 2 in the last 2 weeks at Horseshoe Bay and but landed an 85cm stonker off the ramp just after dark. Matt B also missed his big shot but landed a 65cm Flathead as a consolation prize caught what a catch! Chris got on top a beautiful Fingermark at the HB boat ramp and told me he was surprised to find them there. Horseshoe Bay holds good populations of Fingermark

Offshore, the Tuskers, Trout and bigger Fingermark have been turning up, as well as those big Mackerel and Tuna are still abundant, and the hot fishing reefs are Arab and Broadhurst. The Cape still has Mack’s but there have been a lot of Catfish in the weed beds.

In Cockle Bay the Flathead have been going nuts, Blue and King Salmon are about, for those anglers prepared to be patient and pick their tides. I have also heard reports of some quality Grunter being taken mainly on peeled prawn.

With the Northerlies the onshore fishing has concentrated in Nelly Bay. All action from the break wall of Nelly down to base, and with big mud crabs still on the chew, this has been a bit of a pain for the guys using live baits for the Barra and Queenies as the crabs are eating the livies before the Barra have a chance to find them. Still some good size Queenies being caught just inside the marina wall. Big herring have been the best baits, grabbed from Picnic Bay, along with good big prawn, plus the guys using lures had been hooking a few Barra at night, white noisy Tilson’s worked a treat.  It has been especially good to hear some good grunter have been caught as well, 60cm plus, their great size fish. It would be certainly worth a fish in Cockle Bay this week if you’re keen, it will be hot as, but that will get the Flatties going and they will be hanging around those concrete piles for sure. I see that there have been heaps of Flatties in Cockle, maybe it’s their breeding cycle as well, for so many to be in one area.

This is a good time to get out there and get amongst them and there will be plenty of opportunities too wet a line over the next month or so, so get ready to go and when the weather comes good make the most of it. Offshore especially at the Cape in the weed beds there have been plenty of squid around and that is a great way to boost your catch for the day 6 or 7 nice squid in the esky makes for a good feed of salt and pepper calamari rings, try the Razorback jigs, small ones off Nelly Bay, bigger in the boats.

REMINDER: Next Monday November 5th from 12.01am is the start of the second Coral Fin Fish closure which extends until midnight on November 9th.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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