Fishin’ Maggie

What’s The Goss?

Seafood, that’s the word of the week. I read the article in the Bulletin that Maggie is going forward in leaps and bounds. True enough, it’s always been a cycle though with ups and downs, too much of the same, then not enough of the basics. Many years ago, there was a hire place, then 2, then none. Competition is healthy, but in small markets, it’s important we don’t lose everything by oversaturating the tiny market. Supermarkets are a classic example. There was none, then convenience, then a supermarket, then 2, now plus deliveries from Woollies and Coles. If all enhance each other or service a different market all can survive. If not, then we all take a step backwards. Given the business interest in the island now, these points are important. After Pip left a hole in the fish and chip market SOS (Stuffed on Seafood) have come along to create a new offer, fresh local seafood in a licenced and relaxed environment near the ferry. Will it enhance the island offers? Opinions differ. Now I see that Rock Paper Scissors are opening a trial offer on the island, is it too much too soon? In the end all of you will decide by voting with your very valuable dollars. Let’s watch this space.

Stranger Stuff

That saga recently of the 2 island Visitors from a country (starting with I) in Europe, who attempted a circumnavigation of the island with a bottle of water and bugger all else and had to get rescued the following day from 5 beach has been repeated when 2 explorers (I’m being nice) decided to head to Mount Cook via Horseshoe Bay. Apparently 2 lovely Poms found these boys all hot thirsty and with scrapes and bruises over near the pipeline on the Nelly to Arcadia track. Lucky boys I reckon, not a lot of water around for the bush explorer.

There have been many reports of a huge Manta Ray off Orchard rocks. This huge elegant 4m creature is a filter feeder and no danger to anyone, but an amazing sight.

The Fishing Stuff

There was this American chap, (Seems the right word with yanks doesn’t it) Anyway he came in to say goodbye, tell me he had a ball on Maggie and brag a little about a Mangrove Jack he caught the night before. I asked him to send me a pic and gave him my email address. Well I got this email with a google images link to his fishing on Maggie Island and it was a compendium of Jetty species nearly bigger than the Grants guide to fishes. Granted (pun intended) many of them were juveniles but the variety was outstanding, over 30 different species. I gathered from the pic order that he started with small hooks and towards the end was in the spirit and heaving out lures like there was no tomorrow, well done Sean Wilms.

The weather is better and the last week for Greys is this week so get out there, millions of the buggers surround the island and the semi calm waters. Queenies are there as well, and those bigger Tarpon top fun on 10lb gear.

Those schools of Trevally over at the beachhead at Nelly at night are awesome fun just on dark.

Stinger Season

Yes, stinger season is now upon us. Reports of large numbers of Blue Bottle Jellyfish (called an armada) along our beaches. We recently had a local lad hire snorkel gear but said he really didn’t need the stinger suit. Well turns out he did as he got a nasty sting from a blue bottle. A blue bottle sting is excruciatingly painful and causes red welts on the skin, even more so if stung multiple times. The most intense pain usually subsides within an hour, but the welts can sometimes remain for up to three days.

If you’re unfortunate enough to get stung, Surf Life Saving Australia has this advice:

  • Do not rub the sting area;
  • Remove the stinging cells from the skin by washing off tentacles with seawater or picking them off;
  • Immerse the sting in hot water or apply ice to help with the pain.

No reports of Irukandji as yet.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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