Fishin’ Maggie

The Black Panther And Other Matters

Is it really the return of the black panther? Many of you would remember several years ago seeing a story about a mysterious massive black feline “stalking Magnetic Island”. It made a great story, witnesses describing a cat as big as a grown dog, and Parks went looking. Despite an extensive search, the elusive creature was never caught. However, several recent sightings in the last three weeks of an enormous black cat around Sails Rock have re-sparked debate on the origin and existence of this oversized cat, as well as the feral cat problem in general. Feral cats slaughter up to 1000 native animals each year, and on Maggie we have untold hundreds of feral cats roaming the bush. As to the black panther and its origins, nobody yet knows. More soon.

I did get in a bit of trouble with the wife last week. Heading off chasing Grey Mack’s after work, I went to grab my boning knife, and of course it was facing the wrong way around it did its job perfectly boned my finger beautifully. Now that’s not why I was in trouble. Because it was a fishing trip and I was hyped, I grabbed a rag and wrapped around my hand and jumped in the boat with Matt. Matt had just re-fibre glassed his new pride and joy an ex Trout Dory. The glass was unsealed, and of course I bled everywhere, while Matt gave me quizzical looks (sorry Matt.) We pulled a few Greys in but after an hour on board it was hard to determine how much was mackerel blood and how much was my blood, so we decided to call it a day. I’m still trying to understand why I was in trouble. Janie said get your stitches first then go fishing, I said but the fish would be gone love. She really doesn’t understand, I don’t think its that difficult, maybe I wasn’t explaining myself well.

That tri-maran that suffered all the damage at Horseshoe Bay has been removed from the water’s edge, although with all the damage, and big hole in the hull I’m not sure whether it is easily repairable. The yacht-based visitor that was being abusive to tourists and locals in Horseshoe Bay has been politely invited to leave by residents of the bay and wisely scarpered. I heard that the yacht that is on its side in the duck pond is theirs, maybe Karma got him. For those ladies who told me about the abuse, you are fine now.

Finally, in January we will see the long-promised moorings in Arthur and Florence Bays, so boats can stop dropping damaging anchors on the reef and moor safely. Having used the Whitsunday moorings recently I think they are a great idea, safe and reduce damage in high use bays.


I’m off to the dentist again and not looking forward to it. Apart from the money, and it is expensive, the time away from work and trip to town costs. So, I still wonder why there is no dental day on the Island. Check my maths. The average person has 32 teeth, 28 with your wisdom teeth out, about three for one of our customers TJ. So, 2200 population less children is 1500 x an average of 20 teeth. I get 30000 teeth plus tourist teeth looking for some lovin’. If we have one tooth per 6 months play up that’s 3000 dental visits P.A.  At 200 bucks each that’s a cool 600k. Anyone want a business? As I hear it the issue is the X-Ray equipment and the hoops to get radiation equipment onto the Island. Can anyone clarify this?

Fishing And Crabbing Report

I said no more Barra stories this year, but I must tell this one more from last week. A visitor from Vic was staying at Island Palms and decided to go for a wander down to the harbour and threw a bait in the water, and relaxed, enjoying the evening.  Along came a massive meter Barra who slammed the bait and resulted in this visitor’s bucket list Barra picture and release. He sent his jealous and incredulous mates from down south a picture and I think they might be visiting in Barra season next year. Many people don’t understand how good our Barra fishing is on the Island.

Why are so many Queenies around? I’m guessing that the big schools of whitebait have kept these great sportfish in close. Taking spoons, twisties and soft plastics as well as slab bait in the murky water, they have

With Christmas coming the Crab pots are out and the results have been awesome with some big fat meaty bucks being caught before and after Sundays wet, right in time for Christmas. With Muddy’s fetching $70 plus in the shops, catching your own is well worthwhile and the next 2 weeks should see the catches continue.

The big tides at Young Bay have been a bonanza with Grunter to 60 cm falling to Gar fillet and prawns. On the evening drop dozens of these tasty fish have been cruising hungrily up and down the bay, especially just after dusk. The always present GT’s have also been competing for the offerings.

Congrats to K and J for hooking up on an est: 400lb Marlin out deep before the weather closed in. Big fish like that are a rare treat and worth noting.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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