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Little Bunyip has died, despite being in the wonderful care of the Koala hospital. For those that missed my story recently, Bunyip was the adorable baby koala up at the forts that was picked up by visitors, so they could have a photo shoot, then the scared mother ran away, never to be found again. Bunyip is just another casualty in the clash between Koala safety and island Tourism. With the holidays approaching, be careful with the wildlife, and make sure people are keeping safe distance from animals.

The dentist blog seems to have hit everybody’s raw nerve, (if you pardon the pun). Several suggestions for have come forward for a mobile dental van, especially for those that can’t travel very easily. Maybe that’s something for the future of the island and remote areas.

I am expecting some pics this week from the “Black Panther’s” paw prints, and I will post them on Magnetic Adventure & Hire when they come through. Its amazing how many people have sighted this big feline, although Annie and Patty are some of the original people stared down by this confident cat several years ago.

That moment when your mate puts a hook in your back while casting near you, then say’s

“ You all right buddy” (Name supplied)

I want your personal input this year for the weirdest present you get for Christmas. I will keep your identity secret if you wish, (we are like bartenders)

Merry Christmas to all our customers and my readers, both from Maggie from all states via my online Blog, and thanks to Editor Janie who tries to control how many times I have foot in mouth each year. Have a wonderful festive season.

Fishing Maggie

With just enough rain to push some prawns and crabs out of the creeks, we are seeing some increased activity, especially with Grunter and Trevally. Big Barred Javelin have been smashing fish baits just on dark at Westpoint, and Young Bay. Flathead are there in numbers as well, just on the drop.

Congratulations to Rob for his 10kg Spaniard off Picnic Bay Jetty. Rob used a big popper, not normally the go at Picnic Bay but the cruising Spaniard launched at it, missing the first hit but fortunately getting it square on second run. The lights had just come on at the jetty and the exited Rob fought the fish down to the boat ramp to beach it. When he came in, he told me there was a couple swimming on the beach outside the swimming enclosure and the commotion with the struggling fish and popper was so loud they got straight out of the water. What a top catch that is, but the jetty has been producing some nice coral fish, including Coral Trout and big Parrot for weeks.

Fishing after the rains this week should give you some great action, recommended spots being Horseshoe Bay and Picnic Bay. Flathead are still enjoying the warmer waters at Cockle Bay and will fire up chasing the small prawns.

If you can get on a boat, get over to the Cape where there are Fingermark and Schools of Doggy Mack’s hanging in the weed beds and the holes just off the point. Around the Island the bait schools are holding at Orchard Rocks and off Desolation point as well as near the shark buoys at Arcadia, just outside the green Zone. These are attracting Grey Mackerel, Golden Trevally and small Tuna schools.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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