Happy New Year!

What’s New On the Rock

Happy New Year!! May all your fish be edible, and your Barra be hooked up only in Barra season. For my readers that don’t fish, may your year be filled with health, friendships and free seafood from friends that do. For those who can’t, I’m so sorry for your loss.

Based on our Magnetic Adventure & Hire over the counter conversations (no names of course,) I have selected the following quote for 2019

“Every New Year’s I celebrate making it through another holiday season without killing my relatives.”
– Melanie White

Recycling in 2019? What I see from my unit this holiday is bins full of bags saying, “I choose to reuse.” Hundreds of them in the bins, a little contradictory I reckon. Bottle recycling? We are still working on it, but it is refreshing to see so many people using bottle recycling to pay for their barge trips to town. Great ideas are born from a need to save and conserve.

Magnetic Adventure & Hire have gone solar in December. We have installed 66 panels generating around 140 KWH per day. We are hoping to halve our $2500 monthly bill. Given that the island power is teetering on full capacity and every holiday Ergon bring generators to provide backup, it’s a good decision. Our lines to town are sub-par, 35 years old and the replacement cost is huge.

Word has obviously got out that Janie and I have bought the old Tropicana Jeep. Honestly, we couldn’t let that wonderful iconic Jeep leave the island. She has been receiving a bit of a facelift and some tender lovin’ care and we will be starting under the new banner of Magnetic Jeep Tours ASAP.  More details on that soon.

Watch your crab pots. With so many people holidaying, pot raiding has become rampant again. It’s a crying shame that people take advantage of relaxed tourist time to hide their sleazy activities.

Finally, after weeks of strong winds we had some smoother waters, when tourist operators could get out and show what a beautiful island we really have. The only negative was that dreaded Trichodesmium is everywhere, sludgy and malodourous. Although a natural occurrence for this area and many others, it is smelly and makes snorkelling difficult. Did you know the Red Sea was named after the same Tricho we have?

Side note. You shouldn’t eat Oysters around places like Cockle Bay while the red tide is thick, that is a poison that can build up in filter feeders and possibly make you very sick.

Fishing Maggie

Prawns, crabs, reef sharks and Queenies. Murky water has meant the fishing conditions have been challenging but some big Salmon and Queenies have kept anglers throwing in a line. Horseshoe Bay boaties have been cleaning up on local Coral Trout, my red white lure pulling them away from their reef protection. Big prawns in the mangroves this week have helped fire up the western side with Queenies and Trevally cruising the mangroves following the schools as they move in and out of the shelter of the trees.

Well done Roo on the nice Jacks caught holding the mangrove line waiting for prawns. They fell to Roo’s carefully placed soft plastics instead. Hundreds of Queenies have provided sportfish fun across the shallow flats at Picnic and Cockle Bay. At West Point Reef sharks in big numbers have disappointed bait fisherman by smashing well presented baits before the target fish can have a look.

The harbour Jacks have been attacking gar fillet and whole Gar, in Gustav creek and along the inner rock walls. All in all, with big crabs being caught, a pretty good week on the island fishing scene. With the remnants of Penny due this week some extra rainfall may fire up the creek mouths into early next week.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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