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Barra Season is here again, finally, and starting on a Sunday this year, currently with favourable conditions, live mullet, lures and lots of patience. I’m having the afternoon off work next Sunday. Gone fishing! I’m going to try all my favourite caves and Barra haunts.

Crabs are building in numbers with the help of the 160ml of rain that we have enjoyed in the past week or so. In fact Pebbles and Co were treated to the awesome sight of a procession of crabs crossing the causeway at Ned Lee’s creek. An amazed Pebbles said they were heading across on the high tide and were of good size and definitely on a mission to get downstream. Crab Pots out everyone. Also flushing out were prawns and Jellyfish.

I heard a report of a boat tipping off the Horseshoe Bay boat ramp last week. Apparently the cable snapped while being pulled out, and the boat went off the high side of the ramp, smashing the motor off the transom on the way over. Low tide at Horseshoe often causes boat owners to use extra-long cables to winch the boats from the flats. In this case apparently a crimp gave way. Not one local’s lucky day.

Can anyone drop in and tell me about the fort structure at The Point at Horseshoe Bay? I had forgotten about it until the other day, when I saw it again.
As I’m writing this at the counter, Patsy just bought in an injured baby leatherneck, fallen from the nest. Phil B tells me Leathernecks take the nests of our wonderful Sunbirds, using it for themselves at the cost of Sunbird babies. I learn from you all every day.

Onshore Fishing

Horseshoe Bay has been plagued with predominant North Westerlies, causing rolling swells and crap weedy waters. The big tides took away hundreds of tonnes of the sand that had been moved by council late last year, causing more issues for the beach.

For the fisho’s there are still Queenies cruising close to shore, but they are proving finicky in their eating, and choosing a lure that appeals is difficult. Small and prawn like is still my tip, like a Halco Scorpion Jelly Prawn. The weed is causing grief with most lures getting trapped in the abundant green crap, I watched the lifesavers drying to drag the stinger nets last week, and the weight of the weed made it almost impossible, plus seeing an irukandji would be like winning the lottery in all that dragged muck. Hopefully it clears up shortly, as there’s still plenty of fish in the bay and the Barra will also be on the menu again. Ray got one monster Barra rollover on a popper on Horseshoe Bay on Sunday morning, but no fish. Tarpon are also still turning up with the harbour in Nelly, Picnic Bay Jetty and West Point all being hotspots for this fun fighting fish. A school of GTs came for a visit, enjoying the jetty for 3 days before moving on.

For this week wind tides and weather all look favourable for fishing and boating.

Offshore Fishing

Crowdy did a fishing blooper last week. After catching a tasty Nannygai off WestPoint in his boat, Crowdy chucked it on the esky to measure it. As he was measuring the fish, it decided that the grip was loosening up and did one big flick and back into the water and freedom. One meal less for Crowdy.

Smooth boating on the Western and Sothern side meant great catches of Nannygai off Nelly and Arthur Bay. It seems bottom bashing is still the best fishing method this month with plenty of hungry reds, trout and cod.

Ben was suffering minor whiplash while spearfishing after being beaten up by an angry Queenfish. I kid you not. After spearing the Queenie, Ben was repeatedly rammed in the head before the fish succumbed.

I isolated my boat issue, both filters full of water. There is a good lesson there to keep your boat maintenance up. I have a habit if I get an hour or two off, of jumping in the boat for a look around or quick fish, ignoring oil changes and filter cleaning. It was nearly an expensive lesson and makes me thankful for engine alarms.

Next week
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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