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What can make a teenager run really fast? I can tell you with some authority. We were walking along Westpoint beach with a teenage relative, and she was 100m or so ahead of us looking at shells.  All of a sudden, we heard a bloodcurdling scream, as she chucked an emergency u turn and was running back to us arms waving frantically and screaming louder than Curlews on heat. Most concerned I called out, but the only answer was to scream louder. Suddenly Janie saw the issue, she was being pursued by 3 march flies the size of small starlings. What was the hardest thing about this? Not bursting into laughter as the shrieking was probably getting the attention of the coastguard vessel, moored about 3km of Westpoint. We packed her into the car still hyperventilating and scarpered. Those March flies are back in force this week, remember they are attracted to Blue and dark colours. Deet products are most effective, Bushmans Tropica; contains 40% Deet and is made in Cairns. It has been proven most effective. Zebra flies are hatching as well, so stay well covered.

Unfortunately, a Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) has been killed in Cleveland Bay. Possibly the result of a boat strike, the Turtle, a member of a critically endangered species has been sent to JCU or a Post Mortem. The conflicts between human activity and animal life in Cleveland Bay is something that cannot be easily resolved. These turtles are named because of a sharper beak than other sea turtles, and like all turtles in QLD are part of our ecosystem.

Are we all totally fed up with crap internet on the island yet? I’m fed up with our substandard business internet, particularly in busy seasons. There is a rumour that Telstra know they need to upgrade the exchange but won’t. Can anyone confirm that?  Maybe a petition to get our bills reduced based on the fact that we don’t get the same level of stability and functionality as businesses in town would be worthwhile. In the meantime, if you log your speed regularly on and safe your results, send them to us on In my opinion Telstra don’t give a rat’s —- about us over here. Things need to change.

Fishing Maggie

I won a great prize in a Christmas Competition on Ryan Moody Fishing, and it’s a beauty. I won a “Finding Fingermark” course. I am looking forward to studying something I love. If you want to do any of Ryan’s quality courses log on to his website and book one. The sounder courses may just help you really understand what you are looking at, particularly on Structure Scan. I will post a pic of my next Fingermark on Magnetic Adventure & Hire website.

Pack up the crab pots for a while until these crustacean thieves have stopped stealing pots. If you have been raided or have seen suspicious activity, let me know and I will pass info on to parks. In the meantime, if you are walking, driving or flying your drones and see any strange activity let me know that as well. If we all work together maybe we can put a stop to this illegal activity.

Sharks abound in our waters with the fresh water stirring up their food sources and getting them active all-around Maggie. The most common caught on bait at the moment is the white tip reef shark. Ben was over at White Lady Bay on the weekend and saw dozens swimming in the reefy shallows. Shelly brought in a 80lb trace bitten through at the City of Adelaide in a couple of seconds.

Despite the extra rain the fishing has been challenging.  One species however has been on the chew across the island, possibly because the prawns have been pushed out of the creeks. The species is also on many people’s bucket list and doesn’t have a closed season. It is the mighty and adrenaline pumping Mangrove Jack. When to fish? The top of the tide with the start of the run-out is favourable as you will often find the Jacks pushing the bait closer around the mangroves, and the Trevally are there as well Lower light periods is better especially in summer, darker waters will increase your strike rate. Jacks come further away from snags early am and late evening into night. I just set up a basket of Jack lures at the shop, drop in and grab some.

The Jetty is still giving squid anglers a run just after dark with the hungry cephalopods venturing out of the weeds for a feed. Big Queenies and some Mackerel are hunting on dusk, get the livie’s and drop them without any weights.

Sandor scored some nice Spaniards and a plus 25kg Blue fin Tuna. In Japan that’s a grand.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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