What’s New On The Rock

What’s New On The Rock

What was the fist mail we all received on Maggie after the postal service resumed post floods? The council rates! Now wasn’t that worth waiting for?

Local tinnies that went out on Sunday reported incredible numbers of turtles along the western side of the island. Why so many suddenly?  I’m not sure, but it is good to see a healthy population in the weed beds

With so much rubbish and plastics washed into the ocean we all need to take a bucket or bag and pick up all the plastics and junk washing up on the beaches. There’s a mountain of it, especially around the heads of creeks and we need to get it out of the ocean.

The wet event totals from weather stations that are kind enough to keep me constantly updated that are as follows.
Horseshoe Bay – 2116mm. Thanks Brad
Nelly Bay – (average of three places) 1739mm. Thanks Fran, Don, Jackie, Fred, Stuart and Mel Picnic Bay – 2334mm (for the year so far), thanks John and Denise.

Any way you look at it, it was an extreme weather event. Our roads turned into rivers, some held up and some didn’t. While we in no way experienced the hell that Townsville has, we did have our own issues to deal with. Maggie Islanders, like the rest of FNQ are tough and we don’t like to whinge and whine, we roll up sleeves and get on with it.
Keep the donations coming for our friends in Townsville. If you can, try to spend locally not online, at least until the people we know and many we don’t are back on their feet.
If you need a link up with help and don’t want to use a help line most of you know Janie and I at Magnetic Adventure & Hire, come in and we will do what we can.

Fishing Maggie

The first Magnetic Adventure & Hire Barra bash was hard work in the torrential rain but many anglers braved the conditions to have a go. It took six long days for somebody to catch the first island Barra of the season and win the prizes. Congratulations to Jack Risson. His healthy-looking fish measured 64cm and was caught on soft plastics early morning on his way to work. Most of the Barras were hanging in Nelly Bay, full and lazy, and you could bounce a lure of their heads. Next week we will be starting a new Barra comp details will be released on the Magnetic Adventure & Hire Facebook page soon.
With so much freshwater around the island, fishing has been a tough gig because many fish had all headed deep for the best salinity. As the water mixes again, we should see the start of some top fishing action for the remainder of February.

If you can find your pots the crabs are out and hungry, although the crabbers who had pots in creeks have struggled to find them after the floods.
I’m trying to get clarification on a small Marlin been caught at Horseshoe Bay off the southern section of the beach, as reported by several people and the local lifeguard recently. Can somebody get me some more information on this if they know anything? That would be too cool if true.
This week try fishing the mangroves and the harbour as the creek flows slow down. Barra love Z Man lures and Gulps and will move on closer to the creek heads.
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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