Local Notes

Local Notes

The house near the beach at Bolger Bay for so many decades has been demolished this week, and with it goes so much history. The lease had finished, the house condemned, and the land will be returned to its natural environment.

At times I am extremely disillusioned with the council’s performance on Maggie, particularly in understanding the needs of the tourist industry, the backbone of our economy. Locals have been worried about the massive erosion at Nelly Bay beachfront and the fact the coconut palm trees are falling over into the ocean. These concerns have been brought to Council who have advised that these are not native trees and as such nothing will be done. Great job Townsville Council. When the ocean reaches the road and properties because of the lack of root matter binding the foreshore what then?  Does the Coastguard have to pull the trees out of the ocean before they cause incidents with boats? Here is another issue the council won’t deal with, no toilets at Westpoint because it’s too expensive, and of course no fixing any of the roads that draw thousands of tourists, especially just before Easter. What about the very small job of allowing the Chinaman swamp to drain, one small channel? Sometimes I despair of trying to run a business here. As well as ever increasing power prices and insurance premiums, we continue to pay the same as mainland customers while getting a below substandard service from Telstra

Island Fishing

Magnetic Adventure & Hire Team member Ray did an exceptional job selling some hire gear and more importantly selling local fishing experiences. To explain, Ray hired out 2 rods and talked about the virtues of jetty fishing with live bait. He did the advisory chat about catching live Herring and coached techniques on setting the hooks and sold all the necessary gear to these super relaxed island visitors. The boys went off to the jetty fishing. Next day these guys came back so excited and with good reason. These guys chucked out their livie’s as shown, and a monster Barra 80cm hooked up and gave battle. Ray had even advised them to haul any big fish to the beach, which they did, and they got their dream trophy catch. They were absolutely stoked, and it has made their holiday. Great job Ray and that’s a top catch guys.

The Barra might have been a bit quiet on lure this week, but frustratingly most of the ones caught were caught were done in some crazy ways, mostly at West Point. One big Barra was caught on old reused dead bait after a badly thrown handline cast, one managed to squeeze in a crab pot, and another beauty got accidentally snared during a prawn drag. In Nelly Bay some visitors were having dinner and looked over the side to see 3 x 1 meter plus Barra circling the boat in touching distance.

This week saw the start of a run of Threadfin Salmon, taking small livie’s and well-presented peeled prawns. Threadfin Salmon are a great fish to catch, top eating although they sometimes get mistaken for the smaller, blue nosed salmon which has a green, blue to grey colouration with smaller whiskers and a pointy nose.  They are relatively common in our muddy waters. The giant or threadfin Salmon, as their name suggests have a golden colouration with yellow fins and a large mouth that has a pair of rough lips that can grind through light leader. The body is thick and muscular towards the shoulders then tapers down towards its large, powerful forked tail. Threadies also have an amazing set of long whiskers which they use to detect prey in murky waters which are set to continue all week with the strong winds.

Grunter continue to attack well presented prawns and Gar fillet at Horseshoe Bay and some at West Point and the GT have been firing through the mangroves as well.

Cockle Bay GT’S have used the big tides to sweep in close and take twisty lures.

I see another boat parked in the channel out there now near L’s old boat.

This week’s choice luring spots include the beach in the harbour at Nelly Bay and the whole length of Horseshoe Bay where Trevally and Queenies have been cruising the shallows on the evening tides. Flathead have been lazy and hardly worth chasing but BEWARE Sharks have been stealing baits and biting leader through with ease.


Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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