Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening On Maggie

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jedi the Koala. Jedi’s mother Tommie died after being mauled by dogs several months ago. Toddler Jedi succumbed to a cryptococcosis infection last week in the Koala hospital.  Jedi, his Mum and sometimes Dad were regulars in the Magnetic Adventure & Hire trees and loved by many. The stinger nets are designed to keep box jellyfish out of the swimming areas, and yet many other marine animals manage to get in, sometimes causing havoc with swimmers. Years ago, there was a big ruckus when a baby Dugong managed to get in the nets at Picnic Bay. That was a tricky removal, but in the few days the bub was interned there was there he was very popular with visitors. Much less popular was a Stingray that decided to call Horseshoe Bay stinger nets home last week. A mission was organised, and the bewildered stingray was netted and removed safely, after some delays with the cumbersome red tape that we all seem to have to put up with in this wonderful country. Recycling is building momentum with batteries, old phones, bottles, (containers for change) and now soft plastics bins. (At Magnetic Adventure & Hire). The next recycle issue is foam packaging. The two main challenges are compressing and transporting. The transport issue may have a solution coming, but the machine to compress the foams into bales is a few thousand dollars. Anyone with any ideas here drop in we would be glad to get this very toxic product out of our waters and landfill and into recycling plants. Would you offer a job to someone who presses black instead of colour when scanning to computer to save ink? I thought not.

Return Of The Jelly Prawns

The key to fishing in Horseshoe Bay when the Jelly prawns are abundant is small lures and lighter gear. You may have to play the fish a lot longer than heavy gear, but it is very rewarding. Last week they were still taking soft vibes, but soon the fish following the prawns will ignore anything that’s is not similar to the bait they are focussed on. This is the frustrating time and small soft plastics are king.

Island Fishing

Mick beat us all for Barra of the week at West Point Friday night landing a whopper 80cm right on sunset on low tide. Now he could have told me a yarn about how good a fisherman he was but instead told me the facts. He had just arrived there with his girlfriend and bagged a couple of poddy mullet to chuck on his rod. After casting the bait out, he relaxed and grabbed a coldie, easier to do with bait than lures. Apparently while he was distracted and having a swig the rod was bending over as the Barra smashed the mullet and took off full noise. All the local; lure anglers were down there not catching Barra, and someone called out and let him know he had a fish on. Is that Fluky or what? Also showing everyone up is the guy who caught a 90cm Barra on cooked prawn in front of the Creek at Horseshoe Bay, that’s just arsey. Coral trout have remained resilient during the higher water temperatures and are still being caught in great numbers on the bommies in the 4-8-meter depth ranges around the island and 20-40m at the reef, including Brewer and Lodestone. Large bar-checked coral trout have often been caught on the deep isolated rocks where largemouth nannygai are normally caught. Largemouth nannygai & red emperor have certainly headed to the deeper water with most decent catches coming from 50m plus as they sit in cooler water. Unfortunately, Sharks continue to be thick both inshore and offshore and are certainly active pouncing on many hooked fish, although at Myrmidon they were surprisingly absent. With temperatures cooling, boating is becoming much more attractive, so expect more offshore reports in the cooler months. Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World” Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty Cheers Dale Magnetic Adventure & Hire/MI Rentals 36 Mandalay Ave, Nelly Bay 4778-5126 FOR ALL OF YOUR FISHING AND WATERSPORTS HIRE GEAR. We sell the BIGGEST and BEST range of fishing rods & tackle, spear fishing equipment, snorkel gear, bait, boating and automotive needs, gift & party supplies, helium balloons, pool toys & bike accessories. We also have bike hire, car hire, electric bike hire plus our HUGE lolly wall and convenience supplies. Check out Kooler 24-hour Ice 7kg $5.