Fishin’ Maggie

It’s been a long time since our island has been this green and its just striking. The granite outcrops have diminished in the luxurious foliage, and the creeks are still running. The best place to be is here. Roll on 6 months of perfection Maggie.

You know MacDonald’s need to train their staff better. Last week I was in one for coffee and the young lady asked me for my seniors’ card. How Rude is that at my age. I guess I might look old to 15-year-old. Apparently, you get 20 percent off everything, maybe I should have asked her for one.

This week’s landmark ruling involving shark buoys and treatment of captured sharks is intriguing and how the funding for all of it is going to work will be interesting as it all plays out

For those who missed the news, The Humane Society International has won a landmark court case concerning the shark buoys in the Great Barrier Reef. In a nutshell the decision from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal stated the following.

  1. Sharks must be released alive if possible, not shot like the current policy. Currently 19 species can be shot when retrieved.
  2. Tiger sharks, Bull and white sharks must be tagged and relocated.
  3. Lines must be checked more frequently. (Currently ours are checked every 2-3 days.)
  4. Intelligent Drum lines to be installed as soon as feasible. (These send out a signal when there is marine life on the hook so the line can be checked.)

Smart Drum lines are probably the way to go, although in the past many commercial operators on Maggie have reported bycatch and nobody ever came to release them. These calls were for Mauri wrasse, Cod and others.  I feel for the shark man, his job just got a whole lot more complicated.

Big Barra are still the desired catch now and with the murky waters that they love, and haven’t disappointed at all. Several 80cm plus fish, (that’s about 5 years old), have caught in the muddy waters around Maggie during the week.  This has invigorated Barra fanatics despite the poor weather. The prize Holy Grail Barra lives in the harbour with so much jewellery hanging out of his mouth he is now a valuable financial catch. If you are lucky enough to bet this monster girl landed, (about 1.2 m she is so release please), get the lures out first, I know most of the lure owners, you can decide if they deserve to have them back. Fishing light gear is top fun except when this one takes an interest in your lure, then you have no chance.

Those Chasebait lures are working a treat with the new Ripsnorters bagging Jacks on sunset and the Mullet and Gar lures proving irresistible with Barra. Roo lost another one midweek though at the Horseshoe Bay boat ramp when a big Barra managed to get him past some sharp rocks and cut the line. At $19 per lure the pain of losing is real. If you catch this Barra and see a mullet vibe hanging out his mouth, Roo would appreciate its safe return.

The week of 15 knot plus winds has left our boat ramps devoid of trailers and the winds are set to continue with maybe a couple of days relief from Wednesday. Cooling waters have pushed large bait schools close to shore and following are schools of large pelagic (Tuna, Mackerel, Trevally and Queenies), especially around the Rocks near Hawking’s and outside the Harbour Wall in front of Bright Point. Bust-ups in the windy conditions have kept many entertained and frustrated, on the ferry and at the lookouts.  With crap weather the fish are safe for now.

Launching in Horseshoe Bay will allow you access to the shoaly structures near the shark buoys and trolling 3’’ to 4’’ divers around these been most productive. The Jelly Prawns have moved deeper, and the fish have followed, which is why the beach is so quiet.

The creek outfalls should see plenty of action with Jacks still firing. Johnno is back in town and told me he bagged 4 big ones first night back. Live Mullet, Herring (some at the Jetty) and Gar will all be worth a bash. Also Trolling hard bodie lures around deep holes and gutters. The upper reaches around the bottom of the tide will be worth a try using soft plastics and hard bodies, especially in the new and interesting Southern Horseshoe Bay with its big gutters.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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