Fishin’ Maggie

Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2019 – Sunday March 17

Its that time of year again where we chase fish to support the fight against Prostate Cancer in the way we know best, by fishing. The fishing challenge is only for one day on Sunday March 17. This year we have a new species to chase, Trevally, which should make life a bit easier. Our species are as follows. Barramundi Whiting Trevally Flathead With $210,000 in prizes, a great cause, and so many species choices, it should be a cracker day. If you are unable to register online come in store and pay the fee, give us the details and we will register you. The Mystery size prizes have $90,000 in that pool plus prize draws just for entering. Get involved and take the kids with you.

Fishing Maggie

Congratulations to Bob, Isaac, Ethan and Dave for big Barra this week, all caught in Nelly Bay. Three were caught on Grubs, and one on bait. They ranged from 70-90cm, top fish boys. Also, congrats to Dan from Alaska, who is back holidaying at West Point and came in to Magnetic Adventure & Hire during the week to buy a new fishing rig and say hello. The new rig worked a treat and Dan caught a beautiful Barra at West Point. Can’t wait to see the video! The trouble with mud crabs. One of my customers was fed up as she had caught the same mud crab in her net for 8 straight days. she tried moving a bit, leaving the crab in with extra food but the massive Jenny was the only crab in town. Time to pull the pot for a while I think. Picnic Bay Jetty has been firing as big predators sweep in looking for a feed. They are visible under the bait schools during the day and have torn apart cheaper mono rigs this week, causing some urgent upgrades of gear and line at Magnetic Adventure & Hire. Our flowing creeks have been the focus of local anglers recently with Barra and Jack the main targets. John T smashed out some top Jacks on strip baits and livie’s off his boat in close to the island after the weather turned ugly on Friday. Troy and the boys pushed through the northerlies and went wide for the night. They got onto some stonker Trout, as well as big Spaniards, which were plentiful in the reef pressure points. There have been some quality prawns in the mangroves, big for us anyway. The regular Young Bay drag net crew doing well with plentiful prawns in the bucket. Save a few for bait when you are chasing fish off the beach, they are the best.  Anglers utilising all live baits have been faring well, for a variety of captures including; Barra, Jacks. Queenies and Grunter. For the lure fisherman, because matching the hatch is important, get the soft plastics working, Chasebait Prawns, Gulp grubs and silver and white Z Man doing best. Along the western beaches and in Northern Horseshoe Bay there have been some good reports of Grunter getting caught on prawn. During the high tide early in the morning and just on dark has been the best time to target them. Off White Rock has been plenty of large bait schools with very small anchovy, and the Longtail Tunas have been going off in a big way. Drue loves targeting these hard fighters, they are a great sportfish and a heap of fun on light spin tackle. These fish are very finicky in their feeding habits, when locked on to a type of bait they will tend to refuse any bait or lure that isn’t of a similar size. Remembering to keep the profile similar to what they are feeding on, metal slugs and tiny Nemesis grubs are a perfect option

Suggested Spots This Weekend

The tides are slightly neapish, top tides to head to the creek mouths and drift a few livies or fresh strip baits back into the snags and edges, Endeavour creek being a perfect start, with some Fingermark kicking around.  The creek entrances as well the upcoming tides are great for targeting the in the deeper holes of the creeks with vibes and paddletails. Find the bait and the current flow.  In Horseshoe Bay sit out wide of Endeavour and flick soft plastics inward. Have fun the fishing will get better and better this month. Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty Cheers Dale Magnetic Adventure & Hire/MI Rentals 36 Mandalay Ave, Nelly Bay 4778-5126

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