Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

It’s that time again, when I’m relatively popular for just short time at local footy parties.

Why? Because I’m one of those funny creatures, a blue’s supporter, a must have at every QLD footy party. When I was living here last I got used to being invited to lots of local parties as the token blue supporter. Sometimes there were a couple of us, huddled in the corner calling out encouragement amid jeers and taunts, and awaiting the next Queensland try, so we could really cop it. That was when the massive run of Queensland series wins made Blue supporters start looking at Beach Volleyball as a better sport to follow.

Seriously though, I am a proud Blue’s supporter and with Janie barracking loudly for QLD, the shop is always a war zone, come State of Origin. Yes, the party invitations have continued this year, but these days it’s a little more even… After a series win in 2014, we are looking good for 2015. I’ll say no more at the moment except GO THE BLUES.

Sunday saw the Magnetic Island open day. Was it good for everybody? How was the timing? I’m sure everybody will have a look at the figures and decide for themselves. My point of view, and I usually have one, is that the weather, and the fact that they had the huge Townsville fishing and outdoor Expo impacted negatively. Most of those that came went straight to Horseshoe Bay for the markets, food and drink. I’ll leave the follow-up for those who know what they’re doing, but I personally was fairly disappointed in the whole thing, and we were very quiet. I’m sure that all the businesses at Horseshoe did well and they deserve it too, so there were probably some economic benefits.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

While the weather impacted the deep sea fishing, the small Tinnies still managed to get out into the bay’s to have a go.

Josh chucked the Tinny in Thursday night and managed to raise two Barra, one on lure, one on bait. One pushed 80cm, a perfect Barra. Pushing along the high tide in the mangroves at night is always a good idea but you need to do it before the water gets too much colder, making Barra sluggish

Bill landed a 3.5kg Island Coral Trout on a Bait jig in Southern Horseshoe Bay this week. In one of those awesome freak catches while jigging for live bait the large trout was hooked well and boated easily. Nice catch

If you can find the Livies the Queenfish are very close behind. On a trip to HB on Thursday we raise one Pike on a lure, took it to the point and dropped it in. Not even 10 seconds later a 4kg Queenie had smashed it and was on the hook. Ben landed it and kept it for fresh dinner. Pike schools are close to the beach midway down, and a pike is irresistible for Macks and Queenies alike.

Fishing Maggie on Land

At least 4 awesome fishing events on Maggie are much awaited. Grey Mack season, in November, Spaniard season in June, Salmon season in June and of course Barra opening season in Feb. The last 2 weeks has seen the arrival in numbers of Australian Salmon. It coincides with the cool the currents moving around the Island and the prawn supply, and what a wonderful fish to catch.

For the lure Angler, at Horseshoe Bay, the action has been a bit tamer this week. However fishing for Wolf Herring still gives some great satisfaction as they leap and twist into the air and display their normal aggressive behaviour. Keep the smaller ones for Spaniards, as they are favourite food source and great on the troll or jig bait. All along the beach James and I had great fun in a short session Saturday morning, before heading in to work.

Colin, who I mentioned last week, finally cracked the good eating fish. Colin was fishing floated bait at the Jetty when his line went screaming off his spool. After a short fierce battle Colin dragged the spent Spaniard to the beach to retrieve it. Top catch Colin

Dave D had one of those wonderful sessions chasing Trevally in the Harbour. When those dark patches of bait move in, and you can see them off the beach, the Trevally schools usually follow. Dave spent a good hour landing and releasing dozens of GT’ s in one of those magic lure sessions we all love. You can toss a lure all day for a couple of fish, but if you find a feeding frenzy then hang on.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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