Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Maggie had a very windy week, which made fishing only for the persistent and desperate. Finding good spots was definitely a challenge, and the bait was sitting in deeper water. The water temp around the Island has dropped to 24.24 degrees, although I note Myrmidon Reef is still 26.85 degrees. All this should bring in the Mack’s in the near future in good numbers.

As a lure fisho I am still surprised by how often lures catch the fish, even when they are not performing to spec. Last week I snuck an hour in the Yak on Thursday in HB. All 3 hook ups were when the lure was not presenting as designed. One was stationary while I changed lures on the other rod, and 2 were bouncing along the top instead of diving to the designed depth. It reminded me of the 25 KG GT Mitchell and I landed in Hinchinbrook. That Trophy fish was at the end of a retrieve pulling the lure out of the water. Luck definitely counts in lure fishing as much as anything else.

I see that the IGFA have entered a new 20lb line class Barra record in their books as listed in International Angler Magazine April-June 2015. It was at Lake Tinaroo, 67lb 14oz on 20lb line class. This Monster Barra took a ZMan Swimmerz soft plastic trolled by Jason Kuchel. Given this size Barra is pretty smart I might have a go with this lure, which I carry in store anyway. The 12lb record I note was also caught on ZMan Swimmerz

Australia also took some other new senior records. Black Marlin, 1111lb in 50lb class, (Ribbon Reef) and a Fly fishing record, Kawakawa (Mack Tuna) 16lb 8 oz ( Bribie Island.)

All this lead me to thinking about Maggie. So what I would like to do is start the Magnetic Island fishing Records.

I will set up the categories, and the rest will be up to all of us. I know the Mack record off the Jetty in my years is 37kg. I’m going to try and put some records together prior to today and then go forward with new catches. Of course we will also need some prizes, and rules. More soon.


An Island visitor caught a crackin’ Barra at Horseshoe Bay on Saturday night. The regular visitor, stays at Maggies and landed an 80 cm Barra on Gar. This Gentleman thinks this is about the best place to stay in the world. “Where else can you walk across the road and catch a Barra for dinner, then go 10 m down the road to get cold beer.” Well done that’s a perfect Barra catch.

Another Barra has been teasing all at the boat ramp at HB. Pushing 1 m, this behemoth shows, feeds, refuses all lures thrown at it, and so far has not taken livie’s presented by the 6 plus anglers that seem to be at the ramp every day. We will see what happens next week.

Colin from Base has been hooking up nothing but black tip reefies on Nelly Bay. Fishing fairly heavy gear and here for 3 weeks, Colin hopes to crack some beauties before heading down to Fraser Island for Marlin season. Colin has been working the surf line all week, alas no trophy fish to date. Next week’s conditions look a bit better but not terrific.

One Kayaker was telling me he was trolling past White Lady Bay when he saw what he thought was weed in the water. Suddenly the weed moved and a startled school of white tip reef sharks fled from the kayak. The startle yak owner did a sharp left turn and fast pedalled out of there with his lures on the fly, and the yak setting new speed records.

It was a really quiet week, so we are all hoping for some awesome action next week.


24th 25th May (This weekend) Murray Sports Complex

$10 Entry, Children under 12 Free

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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