Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie.

Say nothing in the shop about the State of Origin result thanks, Round 2 will be interesting to say the least. I noticed the Courier front Page on Monday says Blues wont win until 2025. ??? That’s confidence.

Crocs sharks, farewells, and much more this week, on this always eventful Island. You just have to know where to look to find all the action. Sometimes it is on the beaches, sometimes in the bars.

Farewell for now to Caillen, its back to Melbourne, after spending some great times on the island. Those that know Caillen know he is extremely dedicated to fishing, and has spent many hours in pursuit of good eating fish, catch and release trophy fish.

From rod fishing, spearing, hand lining, and from kayaking to tinies to reef boats, Caillen has enjpyed the adventure that is FNQ. Unfortunately, lack of work has meant going where the jobs are. It’s fitting then that Caillen, who has contributed so many fish photos on the island to the magazine has one more photo of the week.

Probably his biggest catch off the shore last Wednesday night, and the first on the wall for the Maggie records, caught at West Point, check out this bull shark, (also called an Estuary Whaler.)

That’s definitely a great finale, and see you soon mate.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

After a very blowy week, Sunday turned into a beautiful and calm afternoon and the boats headed out for a look around. Around the island there was plenty biting, but unfortunately no size to most of the fish caught. Spaniards? Only one reported at 8kg. Grunter was the most prolific, and although not huge, are always a top feed.

For a change the calm weather coincided with awesome tides. As you know you need good run at the reef and shoals to get the fish biting. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always allow that, and you have to go on the calm days no matter what. This weekend, the bigger tides coinciding with the calmer conditions meant fishing action was much more intense.

I jumped in the yak on Friday morning for a bit of a go at the Barra before they shut down, over Young Bay way. The shallow waters and warm current has kept them active. I enjoyed a nice little session 1 Barra on board, a couple of Barra rolls over my Tilsan, and a tarpon with a Halco Twistie. It was a nice short morning session before work.

The wind was blowing up, and the tide was dropping fast, so I pulled up on the shore for a break. Bruce from West Point was setting crab pots just where I had been fishing, and then left the crab pots and drove his tinny towards the beach where I was. He called out “there’s a crock over there be careful” Having a bit of a look, there was that all-too-familiar croc head Over near the crab pots, right where I was in my little 9 foot Yak As I was on my own, I wisely made the decision to put the a Yak back in the truck and go back to work. Saturday morning I did the beach fishing instead at West Point, where there were some magnificent Flathead sitting in the shallows enjoying the little warm currents coming around the corner. Dinner was therefore set for Saturday night, for Ian Patchett’s farewell, where we all had herb crusted Flathead, caught same day.

I repeated the feat on Sunday, to ensure that the fresh seafood supplies for the week were covered. No more yaks for me at West Point this week though, I might go back to Horseshoe Bay.

Fishing Maggie on Land

There has been a definite lull in beach and Rock action around the Island during that waxing Moon. The bait is deeper and the predators are further out with them. Put away the slices and work the soft plastics and chase the Flathead, Whiting, Grunter and Blue Salmon until the big guys come back. Wednesday and Thursday are the night fishing choices, on live bait in Nelly and Horseshoe Bay.

Squid are moving in closer and are being caught in the harbour and at Picnic Bay. Work the lights in both places when the moon is obscured.

There are some cranky people at Horseshoe Bay, including tourist operators. Apparently some fisho’s are parking their car on the boat ramp during the day and blocking reasonable access for others while they fish the boat ramp. Keep the ramp clear.

You Tube Hit Video– Watch “Cape Coral Man lands Largest Kayak Bottom Fish ever!” 552 lb Cod from Kayak. Priceless.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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