Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

This has definitely been a difficult weekend with the news of the disappearance of a special island person. A friend and fishing fanatic who has helped me pull the shade sails off the Magnetic Adventure & Hire shop over the years in high winds with cyclones approaching, winched my car out of trouble when I was bogged, and generously helped anyone who needed it, with a smile. A man with a huge heart, many friends, a special Island larrikin and mate to many. My family and many others hope he is found safe and well. Our thoughts are also with his family at this tough time.
The weekend’s neap tides and windy conditions made it difficult for the long weekend visitors to catch fish. Fortunately there was some onshore action, and the smaller fish still entertained the kids.
Locals keep asking when Reece will have his newly purchased super Cadillac of prawn trawlers on the water, and finally get back to some real work. The answer I’m told is…Very soon. I am looking forward to a look at it, plus a trip out?
We approach the busy season with the croc warning signs across the beaches as the 4 m plus croc decided on a visit to Picnic bay, then a cruise past the mangroves before heading back over Pallarenda way. This big fella seems to be invincible as he comes and goes with impunity. We will keep watching this story.

Another drifting boat in Cleveland bay on the weekend caused the Police boat to go searching for the owner, but in this case all was sorted quickly and boat and owner reunited.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

After all those patient hours of waiting for a  Barra to hit, the  boys at Horseshoe bay boat ramp were gazumped by Drew in his boat chucking vibes ;less than 50m away. Drew looped a short cast towards the beach, where the 80 cm surface cruising Barra smashed it hard and took off towards the swimming area. Determined not to lose it Drew cranked the drag up, slowed and turned the Barra and soon had it safely in the esky. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time for those trophy moments. (That, lots of patience and hundreds of casts. )
I did a Segway tour for 2 Rockhampton fisho’s on the weekend.  They were boasting about all the Mackerel that have arrived down their way in the last 2 weeks. Apparently they are everywhere, and in close. Let’s hope that’s a good sign for us. The boat club went out and got 29 quality reds, but only one Spaniard.
Dave went for a look see around the pylons earlier in the week and found the Trevally schools are still hanging around those big yakka schools. For a quick fun trip, weather permitting, pop out to the outer pylons and jig, or catch and drop a livie.

Fishing Maggie on Land

There is lots of quality Barred Grunter (Javelin) around at the moment, mainly west side, and they are great fun on soft plastics, although some prefer bait. I took home a couple of beauties last week, (They are a perfect baked dinner,) and then somebody had to come along and show me up. Ray C landed an absolute cracker at 68.5 cm middle of the day on Friday, at West Point on very light gear and 6lb leader. This 3.4 kg fish nearly spooled Ray, who just managed to turn it before the last few meters of line peeled off. This is definitely my fish of the week and I hope to see more of this size as the waters cool. I hear they can get to 8kg but we rarely see them that size over here.
Incidentally Ray went down again on Saturday, to try again, as you do after a trophy catch, but was chased by a dog that seems to be harassing people at WestPoint last week. I believe a local owns it and it is causing big issues. I hope somebody gets it under control so everybody can just go back to enjoying their fishing and sunsets.
Jake got a beautiful flathead, at the coffin pool, and on the first cast. It’s always awesome to get a first cast fish on plastics, and then it was home for dinner. Ben dropped a big GT is the same spot.
Flathead are still here in numbers. The secret is to work those soft plastics through the shallows all around the Island, where they are sunning themselves. I found them in all the bays I tried last week, plus one off the harbour flats. ( yes I was allowed out)

Ron had a frustrating weekend on the jetty. He caught a Spaniard, Saturday, only to have it bite through his trace and take off at full pelt. Then, adding insult to injury a guy came down and cast his rig , lost his bait, and the empty hook and sinker landed on the head of a hungry Queenie. Yes he landed it. Poor Ron

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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