Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

It’s here, well actually 2 things are here. Reece’s New Prawn Trawler, and “New” Gliss.

I actually got my delivery of the new revolutionary Gliss on Friday. Excitedly I stripped off my expensive Airstrike 20 lb .23 diameter off my Quantum smoke and left it in tangled coils on the floor. Grabbing a pack of Gliss 9kg (19.82lb) at a nearly invisible .12mm thick clear green I bolted out the door rigged with Gliss and ZMan Grubz with no leader, that’s right Gliss straight to Jighead. I wanted to try this stuff straight to the fish mouth.

The Results? 5 Fish caught, 2 lost on rocks and Gliss showed some exceptional properties, great strength, and it casts nicely in normal conditions. Negatives?, not many Gliss is hard to rig because it is so damn invisible, and being light means casting into headwinds is trickier than the heavier braid. I landed leaderless a small Yellowtail in HB but then got chicken and re-rigged leader for the bigger Flatties that were there, You just can’t afford to lose those beauties. All up I love the stuff, looks like Mono acts like braid, and cheaper than braid. Check it out.

The state of Origin party last week was at my place, and to deflect some of the inevitable jeering I invited another Blues supporter Coffee Kay, and a footy swinger, Wazza. To add to the feast Janie had already organised, I picked up some of Reece’s freshly caught LOCAL prawns. Wow they were so good, even non prawn eater Wazza ate one. Its beyond awesome to have the boat operating again. Well done Marilyn and Reece on an exceptional service, and great seafood.

NAIDOC Kids Fishing Comp Picnic Bay Jetty Saturday 18/7/2015

Hey Kids and Parents, this is the first kids fishing comp at the Picnic Bay Jetty since Cyclone Yasi over 4 years ago. I will be down there with weights and measures, free bait, tackle box, ice, advice, and the organisers and Magnetic Adventure & Hire have combined to create great prizes for all sorts of categories. Just turn up on the day, although if you let us know at Magnetic Adventure & Hire first that would be helpful. If you do not have a rod, call me at Magnetic Adventure & Hire 47785126 for a free loaner. If you need a lift call me at Magnetic Adventure & Hire 8AM- 12 Noon

Fishing Maggie by Boat

Only Days after Janelle was showing off pics of her amazing Sailfish, caught right off Orchard Rocks a couple weeks ago, a visitor Dave came in for some lure advice. Dave was going out trolling for Macs. I sold him a couple of Halco Lures and off he went. He came back next day with Pics of his sailfish even bigger caught off Maggie. Being a first, they had no idea how to boat the fish so pics were all behind the boat. Awesome catch though, and they also got 1 Mac. There were many macs caught over the weekend, nothing huge 6-10kg but enough. Dave D got some nice Spotties off the jig on the pylons, and another Dave, would you believe, off pillie’s on the drop, near Liver Point. The trick is to burley up first, to get the schoolies and spotties excited, so they smash everything. Josh bagged out on Cobias in short order off the Cape and also had a double hook up on Spaniards. I remember a trip with Josh, just the 2 of us, when we got a simultaneous triple hook up on thumpin 15-20 kg Spannies. We just had to leave one hanging around for a while, a nice problem to have. The reef boats did tops with Reds including Nanagai and some small to mid Spannies, but lumpy going out and in.

Fishing Maggie on Land

In restaurant terminology, Maggie, at the moment would have Grunter as its fish of the day. These top table fish are in great numbers in an otherwise tough fishing month. 5 top Grunter were caught at West Point in one session, and more in Horseshoe Bay to another holiday maker. With other reports showing a run of Grunter and small Queenies, from Cockle Bay to Horseshoe Bay, smashing squid and prawn in the middle of the day on the declining tides.

Julie-M, after her catch of 3 big Yellowfin bream last report, managed to go one better and cast herself off the pontoon into the water. All that exuberance and a big cast = one wet child. Be careful this week at the fishing comp, the jetty is much higher.

Graham had a long week trying to keep up with the retail side of the busy season, and had just decided to call a time out and go fishing at the rocks end of HB. Graham managed 5 casts before some holiday makers stripped off to the minimum and jumped in the ocean swimming out in the lure zone. Graham decided to retire home for Peace and Quiet instead.

There are still great Flathead in the shallows basking in the sun, smashing Zman lures and Gulps, so get out there and have a go.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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