Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Easter = lots of people fishing and families having fun. Everyone was out and around enjoying the great weather. How incredible is this place, when we have so many beaches and rocks so that so many people and can go fishing, and actually catch good fish. I was watching a show about Macleay Island off Brisbane and on the fishing front, they have nothing to offer compared to Maggie. Our fish variety is astounding.

One enterprising local walked out as far as possible last week at West Point and Young Bay at low tide and found three fishing rods, one was old and unusable but two were in quite good condition.
Obviously there are always people on the troll along West Point, and some lose their rigs to snags, fish and bombies. It’s a bit like golf ball hunting, but much more profitable. John H found some lures just hanging off the Jetty last week , and from experience, at low tide after Easter there are lures snagged everywhere for the taking.

The first trip up to Mount Cook in a long time was conducted at Easter. The reports are that the lagoons up there are still full, but not flowing as we would expect. By the time I wanted to go up there, water supplies would be very low. We might go real soon, straight after the holidays. If you want to come along, come in and see me at the shop.

The ambo’s have been kept busy with accidents. Fortunately the only boating one was a suspected spinal injury on a boat off Nelly. The result was a free helicopter trip to the hospital.

Onshore Fishing

As I said last week, you need bait to keep pelagic species hanging around. Queenies, Trevally and Tarpon are our most common, followed by Mack’s and Wolf Herring.

There’s plenty of bait around the western side of the island at the moment. Smallish Herring have moved back to the jetty. Queenies, 40-60 cm have come close in following them. Holiday Makers have had the awesome pleasure of watching Queenies leap from the water when hooked up. With some of the light kid’s gear being used, not all of these wonderful fish have been landed but there’s been plenty of people having fun trying.

There have been a surprising amount of larger reef fish caught at the jetty as well, big tuskies, Trout, big stripie’s and the occasional Red have been making a much appreciated appearance.
At West Point, if you can get a line in the water between the tents and picnic set ups, you can still get good fish. I have also seen beautiful Golden Trevally and Queenies cruising up and down the beach. We have been using little metal slices and hooking up in the bay in the northern end. Incidentally I drag netted a Barra first drag in the same place last week. All captured on Go Pro. He made a quick exit past my legs after a failed attempt to leap over the net. The poor bugger was resting in the sunny shallows when I disturbed him. Jack scored one Barra late at night, well done Jack.

Horseshoe bay has been a bit quieter, off the beach shovel nose sharks and rays have been enjoying increased amounts of squid been presented on lines.
I and others have noticed a strange fact. Big flathead are sitting everywhere in the bays, but being really lazy. Is it breeding season? I might try to find out. They were thick at West Point and Nelly the shoaly areas, but only playing with lures, not striking.

Offshore Fishing

Horseshoe Bay has been a bit more active with the jelly prawns and pillies moving deeper and away from the beach. Bill has been pulling big Cod, Stargazers, Queenies and Reds around the rocks, although less off the troll. Wolf Herring are still taking trolled lures northern end and around the Argo. The Argo has good bait schools to get your livies before you go deeper.

Barra are jumping around the stinger nets but just not attacking baits or lures. Try this week on the low tide. They should be more aggressive with the better tides
Adam was telling me that Massive Golden Trevally are in close taking baits. That’s big action for kids.

As this goes to print the local boats are at the reef so reports in next week.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
Fish’n N Fuel’n
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