Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

What a wonderful first week of the holidays it’s been, although the winds didn’t really settle until Monday, this week is set to be an absolute cracker of a week on the water. Sea and land temperatures have been warm and comfy, and I think everybody has been having a great time. There has been a lot of smelly algae bloom, (Trichodesmium) but that itchy mess should dissipate soon. The water temp is holding between 22 and 23 degrees, (24 at Myrmidon reef) All indicators are that this coming week will be the best fish activity week for a month so get out there.
I was told by some people about a middle aged mad keen Fisho visitor to the island, who had his beautiful Shimano T-Curve bait-caster baited and set up at the end of the Picnic Bay Jetty. He decided to go down and have a burger and beer at the pub. Asking a couple to watch it for him and knowing he could see the bottom end of the jetty from the R&R Bar he thought his bases were covered. He obviously had the drag set too high, and the hapless visitors he told to watch it were unable to stop the inevitable from happening. Big fish + high drag = rod gone. After hearing the tale I was thinking about the laws of duty of care as a Bailee, and I reckon the application of that law would be a bit fuzzy here.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

Barnacle Bill caught a monster Catfish at HSB pulling a drag screaming 1m in length. Anyone catching Catfish know what a show they put on. Bill also had a visitor land a 3.5kg Coral Trout in an otherwise tough off shore week.
A spectacular sight from boat or point at the moment is hundreds of gannets, smashing Gar from Hawking’s Point to Horseshoe Bay. These amazing birds track the fish schools, but there is as yet very little action underneath these schools. Scanners show the odd fish, probably Trevally and Queenies, but no big schools.
Last week saw some boats go looking for some dinner, but the pickings were lean. One charter boat went out to the shoals and bombers, and did not get a show, surface or bottom. The dirty water in close is clearing, but last week made it very difficult for people to boat fish around the island. Fortunately this week will be very different.
One poor bugger had a dreadful show trying to haul in his boat at HSB on Sunday. First he swamped the boat, trying to retrieve, and spent an hour with a huge audience trying to get his soaked boat onto the trailer, then when he finally achieved that and drove up HSB hill, his wheel fell off the trailer. Sometimes it’s just not your day.
AJ and Gus after trolling for zero all day finally managed to crack a 89cm Fingermark drifting soft plastics at Orchard Rocks. What a great end to a slow day.N

Fishing Maggie on Land

There are two main hotspots at the moment, and they are producing some wonderful fish for our visitors and locals alike. Jackson and Toby, amongst many others on the Jetty, have managed to get amongst those beautiful Blue Salmon that are in force on the west side of the island, and particularly at the Jetty, even at low tide. These terrific eating fish are taking a variety of well-prepared baits, including fresh gar.
Queenies are still very active, and a smashing poppers, and twisties in the harbour. Up to 3kg they are providing the holiday action that people come to the Island for. The harbour is sheltering schools of small bait including Greenback Herring, that favourite of so many Pelagic. It’s no wonder then that the harbour has also been producing some beautiful Golden and Giant Trevally, big Yellow Bream, and most other pelagic species that seem to be following the bait into this weather protected area.
The harbour is working best on soft plastics, prawns and squid. If you’re working along the walls of the rocks, there are plenty of small Moses Perch, Stripeys, Estuary Cod, and Nannygai for children’s fun.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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