Fishin’ Maggie

What’s happening on Maggie

I am extremely disappointed to report the theft of my GPS Colour Sounder, a Lowrance XC28 from my boat, in the harbour last month. I was slow to notice, having initially thought I had taken it home and misplaced it. It wasn’t until Janie told me I had left it connected on the boat as I already had a load of stuff to take home and was going to come back for it, that I realised it had been lifted. Anyone that knows anything at all please let me know, in confidence of course. Whoever stole it will have to buy or steal a matching transducer, which is not very easy to do. I did take the boat for a run out with no sounder, and finding bait and predators is tricky without the right toys. I landed some nice consolation doggy Mack’s, a Mack Tuna on a Red white Halco, and dropped 2 smaller Spanny’s on light gear near White Rock Friday morning, which was a nice morning session before work. (The seas were too rough to go deep, and I had to work the weekend.)
Tom H was telling me about a guy marketing new design crab pots. They have a chip for fisheries to scan id and a retractable rope that goes in and out with the tides. Does anyone know any more about this? Speaking of Crabs check this out. It’s on my Facebook as well. This Guy is tough.
There were a few hangovers with 2 x 60th birthday parties on Saturday night. I went To Alice D’s Disco theme party, well catered by Sandys. We do know how to party, us oldies, but by god, how did we ever wear those tight pants back in the day? Elvis even made an appearance, and from all reports was last man standing.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

I see the winds will be up all week this week. Lucky then last weekend was such a smashing T-Shirt wearing boating weekend. While they froze down south, we MI anglers went chasing Marlin, Spaniards and Reef fish, looking at whale pods on the way. Who went? Everyone with a boat I reckon. The game fishing teams were happy with one boat tagging 4 Marlin in one session, and many boats getting one or two.
Steve went to the shoals and got a double hook-up on 1.2m Spaniards and then landed himself a 18kg Yellowfin Tuna. Steve had previously got 2 Spannie’s at the Palms, but said they are still scarce. Brags and Brewer had a few more Spaniards, and some tough Red fishing.
Most boats did ok, but no great scores were had.
Pete from Adrenaline is reporting yellowfin in close, which is awesome news. I do love rigging for Tuna, and when they are in close they are smashing fun on short trips before and after work.

Fishing Maggie on Land

There are still some fun Salmon tales going around. One not so lucky fisho and his son were fishing the pontoon in the harbour last week when they hooked onto a horse of a salmon, finally got it tired and all the way in to the pontoon. When the young son leant over to grab it and attempt lift it onto the pontoon, while his father held the tension on the line, he fell in, losing the Salmon at the same time. This was one of several sizable Blueys caught in the harbour, and a couple at the Jetty. Speaking of the Picnic Bay Jetty, a thumping Golden Trevally was caught on livie’s on Saturday. Taking no chances old mate hauled the cracker fish all the way down the jetty to the beach. Startled fisho’s along the jetty had to quickly haul their lines in to enable the fish to be safely landed. Good job to all, and as all jetty anglers know, getting the fish to the jetty is one thing, getting them up is quite another.
Newcomers Tim and Jules have imprinted themselves in the sand at WestPoint as the Grunter Gurus. Tim has marked his spot and fishes pillie’s for this delectable table fish. Hisd only negative is the occasional appearance of Long Toms, which take everything and leave him retackling his line. Grunter are holding well on the west side of the Island, but still noticeably absent in Horseshoe Bay.
Those around the boat ramp have started targeting whiting, which are fairly plentiful in HB. Queenfish are gathering in several locations following the Gar schools. Catches of these awesome sportfish have occurred in Nelly, both in and out of the harbour, and HB near the swimming area.
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale
Fish’n N Fuel’n
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