Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

If you read my story about the distraught White Bellied Sea Eagle last week, there is a supplemental narrative that came to light this week. After rescuing the irritable and sodden bird, and fishing the equally soggy Pebbles, from the water, the rescue and support team, i.e. friends and family, took charge and get the two home. Using a shower to warm both human and bird,( not at the same time) the friends put the rinsed and toasty eagle into a cage to dry and recover. The bird however was not interested in staying in this strange environment, and without thanking the still soggy Pebbles accomplished a Houdini manoeuvre and escaped its prison. It found the front door which was open and flew off without a second look.

The yellow zone rules are sometimes a bit hazy, i.e. one line per person unless you are in a boat trolling, when you can use 2 if on fishing your own. There was a radio report on the weekend about boats in yellow zones being able to use more than one line, again when fishing on your own. I am trying to get clarification on this interesting report.

On a non-fishing topic, if anyone who wants to look at a very cool You Tube video, google “Lexus Hover board”. Lexus have spent an unknown amount of money inventing the hover board, or no wheel skateboard, that we all thought was so cool from Back to the Future. Just amazing stuff.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

The weather has finally given us a break, a few great days really, and Sunday was the most magnificent day on the water that you would wish for. Many boats did get out of the shed for a run to use that fuel before it went stale. A big pod of Dolphins and a couple of large turtles kept visitors happy in Horseshoe Bay on Sunday.

I got out with youngsters TJ Rory and Tobi for a run on Saturday morning. Unfortunately it was lumpier than predicted so we had to play in Horseshoe. I still got the kids fired up with over 50 hook-ups mainly Wolf Herring, on the troll. A great job to Tobi with probably half the hook-ups, and also for assisting me. (It’s hard to run the deck from the flybridge.) Congrats to 9YO TJ from Griffith with his first legal eating fish, a Doggy Mack, and he had a ball playing with the ravenous wolf herring, as did Rory. Now I just have to get all the Wolfies all rigged up.

There is a yachtie towing a fake croc, from numerous reports, affecting business in HB and tourism. Be careful that is serious and affects business. The elusive croc saga continues.

Trout have definitely been harder to catch, with the close in reefs being very quiet for these sought after eating fish. Reds on the other hand are very active and both large and small mouth Nannygai were on the menu.

A big pod of Dolphins and a couple of large turtles kept visitors happy in Horseshoe Bay on Sunday, and the pods of whales are now getting sighted and photographed regularly. What a great time of year on the Island and off it.

FFishing Maggie on Land

Island newcomer Wayne reported a beautiful 70cm Jack in the harbour. Wayne has been fishing using the only readily available live bait, hardy heads to chase our local fish. Wayne was sitting on the rocks with 2 Hardy’s on one hook, when his line went screaming off. The energetic Jack headed straight for the harbour entrance, before veering left towards the rocks and line snapping safety. Wayne scrambled down the rocks and precariously balanced over the water, managed to turn the Jack, and before long had it safely out of the water. Great fight and top fish Wayne. Wayne followed with a Grunter at WestPoint, those top table fish still being the most prolific fish at the moment.

Dan went fishing with his wife at WestPoint, and as it so often happens had wandered away from his sand spiked rod, when a hungry Grunter slammed his bait, and took off. His watchful wife grabbed the rod and landed the only fish they caught that day to score the weeks bragging rights.

Another guy got a Golden Trevally off a bit of several day old squid, on the Jetty proving that if you have a bit of luck you can catch with anything.

Some Tarpon are back in Horseshoe bay, so get the lures out.

Fishing conditions are great until Thursday so get out there.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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