Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Whales are making all the fishing trips a delight. It seems we have had a humpback birth in Cleveland Bay in the last 2 weeks, and Mum is keeping the tiny ( for a whale) baby inside the bay for safety, in the shallow water. The baby is learning to roll; breach and tail slap and is extremely playful. I have had 2 experiences with mother and child, the last one with Janie on Wednesday and it is just a spectacular and moving experience. We went off the Cape and had an encounter with a lone whale. I was on a shakedown trip, testing my new sounder. I bought a new Lowrance Gen 3 touch with structure scan last week and was anxious to see if it worked. We were startled to hear whale song as the whale was searching for its companions. It was such a moving sound, and so clear. We just sat in awe listening. After it stopped and we thought the whale had gone, I started the boat to head out deeper. Just as I started winding up the Yanmar Diesel I saw a huge blob at 15m on the sounder and shut off the engine. The whale was right under us. This magnificent creature came up for a final look at us before swimming away. That was not the last whales we saw in an excellent family run.

Pete reported a large pod of Pilot whales in Horseshoe bay recently. Pilot Whales are the second largest Dolphin after Orca’s and very intelligent. They stayed in the warmer waters most of the day providing a great show for the dozens of winter boats staying in the bay. Has everyone noticed the growth of moored boats in Horseshoe Bay? It looks like a marina, with all sorts of boats moored right through the bay. It makes trolling much trickier.


Many boats went out last week, and there were mixed stories coming back. John H got some Spaniards out near the green zone on a family trip, plus did some whale watching. Ray went to Keeper and found the fishing much harder, but that was overshadowed by the amazing whale action not 30 m from the reef as whales did full breaches right near the dozen or so amazed boat crews. That may explain the quieter fishing in this trout area, the noise underneath must have been huge.

Jubba and Co went close to bagging out on Trout early in the week. They went out further to the lesser fished reefs. Sometimes it is worth doing the extra miles as the close in reefs gets more heavily fished.

Apart from the whales and the testing of the sounder we had a bit of a troll to see what is around. Janie got her first Doggie on a dropper rig, and we landed doggies and found a patch of big spotties near the Cape to keep the freezer stocked with fresh fish. We have a Grandson from Griffith visiting and he just loves the fresh fish and wants it all the time.

Ray got 4 trout to 3kg off white rock Sunday in a lovely short session and the re are Spaniards in Horseshoe finally, trolling the current line.

Fishing Maggie on Land

Wayne has decided he needs a boat after dropping a monster Jack right near his feet around the rocks. Fishing near the ferry terminal Wayne’s line went screaming off during a late fishing session on Tuesday. After a battle and a half he was devastated by the loss so close to landing the beast. Wayne wants a small Tinny to sit just off the rocks and reduce his snap off rate.

I see Jackson putting in the hours working a kayak in the harbour. Jackson found some Trevally to 60cm and also landed a nice Dusky Flathead in the harbour. I love seeing all the kids working soft plastics these days instead of dead bait.

The Jetty is still quiet although a lucky hire rod visitor brought me in a legal (luckily as it was dead,) Nannygai caught off the end of the jetty the night before. He wanted an ID and was very happy to find out it was a quality table fish.

Anyone wishing for some beach action can long cast large slugs off the beach at Horseshoe Bay. The thousands of Wolf Herring are regularly cruising the beaches at 30-50m out and strike everything that hits the water. Matt has been having fun between working lures for more edible fish.

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Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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