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The annual Magnetic Adventure & Hire Bay Days Festival Children’s Fishing Comp was a great success on Sunday. Undeterred by the very fresh winds, dozens of children came on down with parents for an absolutely smashing morning. After the fishing competition ended there was free fish and chips at Picnic Bay Seafood’s, for all the kids,as we did the presentations. The largest fish went to Malakai Kaddatz , Malakai was fishing into the windy side of the Jetty and hooked onto a monster 3.5 kg catfish, which put up on exceptional fight. , All the young anglers ran down to the action spot to watch, leaving rods untended all over the jetty. Fortunately none went into the drink.

With the prize catfish successfully landed, measured, and released, the challenge to beat that size catch was well and truly underway. All baits and lures were tossed into the murky waters in an all out attempt to take the grand prize from Malakai. Tiny Grace Knudson caught a 1kg trevally almost bigger than herself, and was dancing the jig on the jetty in excitement.  Fish caught included Trevally, Grassy Sweet Lip, Spangled Emperor, Moses Perch, Stonefish, Moray eel, Happy Moment, Yellow Stripey, Parrot Fish and lots of Cod, in what was a top fishing comp, and a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning.

Thank you to all those who attended, and Janie, Di, Graham, Ted, Glenn and Ange for their assistance in making it such a special day.


Weirdest Species Moray Eel –                   Elija Braddick

Mystery Species Parrot Fish –                   Charley Ray Knudson

Mystery Size 23cm Diamond Trevally – Toby Waojtacha

Most Fish caught- 6                                       Jayden Snell

Most Inedible- STONEFISH                        Emilio Velet

Smallest 7cm Cod-                                         Jessie Mclay

4-8 Best Fish 43cm Trevally –                     Grace Knudson

8-12 Best Fish   1KG Remora                     Bailey Walker

Grand Prize Biggest Fish- Catfish 3.5kg Malakai Kaddatz

Fishing Maggie

As the water warms up again, the Barra are getting slightly more active. The Townsville Game Fishing Barra comp last week was a tough show with very few Barra caught, the biggest was measured at a healthy 94cm. Rob caught a nice 61cm off Young Bay in the windy slop on Friday, when not many people were even bothering to fish. Great job

You only have to try a different form of fishing, to appreciate our tropical fishing. Last week, I went to an icy Dam in Lithgow chasing Rainbow and Brown Trout.

With the maximum day temperature of 6° all day, strong winds causing chop across a small dam, freezing hands and face, just to raise one Rainbow Trout. Was it worth it? Hell yeah.

If you’re into land based island sport fishing, get a vibe, and work along the beach at Horseshoe Bay. Tarpon are in close taking vibes and flashers, to give a great show. There is nothing like the aerial aerobics of a 3kg Tarpon when hooked to get the heart pumping..

I see our huge Billfish tournament had one of its quieter years with only 7 Marlin Tagged. Given that the Gold coast is having one of its best years with Blue Marlin everywhere and Spaniards are thick from the Gold Coast to Rocky, something is very different here this year. The Wolf Herring are thicker than anyone can remember with thousands schooling around the Island. I’m guessing the lack of Spaniards and big Predators has contributed to the numbers of these fish. Kids love catching them and everyone is trying to sell them to me. I have plenty by the way don’t ask.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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