Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

What a game we had on Sunday night, the Cowboys did some magic to get that first frand final. Down where we live we could hear all the happy screams and yells from all over Nelly Bay, and Cowboys supporters were calling us next morning (not to early though) to reserve a copy of the bully on Monday. Great job Cowboys and totally awesome for keeping North QLD on the map. Maggie Island even got a mention on the national and international broadcast. There was a financial cost to us though as the 8.30 Segway tour on Monday cancelled, due to over exuberance causing injury at a Cowboys football party.

Speaking of Segway’s, Magnetic Adventure & Hire conducted Segway wedding number one on Saturday as Jeff Maurice Married Mikayla at Arcadia. The Groom and Groomsmen trained Friday and we all glided to the wedding over the stunning Gabul Way. The boys had a great time, and fortunately all got there in one piece for Crusty Heron to conduct the vows.

The boys did not want to hop off the Segway’s, and in the end we got in trouble for being late from the wedding photographer. All in good fun.

Week two of the school holidays came and went, and the accommodation was still at full capacity. Unfortunately midweek saw a big weather change as the winds came up to 20kn plus, and the water quality turned to Mud. I watched a jetski head out of the harbour Saturday from Nelly Bay, but he was back in 10 minutes, it was obviously way too rough to have any fun.

Fishing Maggie by Land

Janie had a visitor in during the week from W.A who was absolutely raving about the fishing here on Maggie. Although we have tough fishing times, this guy had seen Coral Trout, Queenies and other species caught right off the beach at Horseshoe Bay, during his stay, and was blown away that we could catch quality fish straight off the beach. He was telling Janie his area is fished out and there is absolutely nothing to be caught around the beaches.

Horseshoe Bay saw a large Queenie get wrestled to the beach, and promptly released. It was a dead bait catch and by a visitor. The Coral Trout that the holiday maker also witnessed was off the beach and a top notch 2kg dinner size, right in the middle of the sandy area on pillie. Great job.

I was walking the Peppers walkway for a coffee on Saturday and as always was carrying a rod just in case I saw some action. As I rounded the first turn past the toilets I decided to flick once in the shallow water. As I reeled my lure in, a 90cm est Barra went straight for the Gold slapper, checked out the lure and saw me, turned and bolted, tail splashing the water . So close he was, and from that height I had a great view as it was low tide. I’m going to have to invest in a gopro, to get those moments on film.

Sunday saw the Harbour Jelly prawn school move from the Barge ramp to the public boat ramp and the hardyheads, Tarpon and Trevally followed them. The Trevally were small but great fun on light, and the Tarpon were more respectable at 1-2kg.

Another respectable Flattie 44cm was caught off the NB harbour beach by a visitor Tom Saturday in very tough fishing conditions. Dinner done he went to Arkies for a beer and a go on the pokies and won $370. Nice day.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

Toby and his granddad went fishing in HB early in the week and managed to land a very respectable 1.5kg Coral Trout and 1.5kg Grunter of the shoaly areas, in one of the only bays that have been fishable last week.

Roo went to the Cape for a couple of days and reported that the mud crabs were few and far between, and those that were in the pots were empty, and not worth keeping. Muddies have definitely been hard to get this year, the lack of rain making a huge difference. Although the boys had a ball with other fish, the Barra were super tough to get.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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