Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

The Adventurethon was played out last weekend, what a great event for the Island. There were plenty of funny moments and heaps of local participation, (some against their will). I watched cyclists falling off, (Doesn’t everyone know not to face a bike uphill when mounting?), Kayak collisions and joggers losing litres of water per hour running in the high humidity. Ok I guess that’s all just good fun?? Well done all and bring on next year. One thing that was disappointing was people’s dogs running out and having a go at cyclists. Keep your dogs in the yard please.
Easter is upon us and the BOM 10 day synoptic modelling shows the weather should be perfect for fishing, (after today), although windy offshore. That is great news for the Island. Tides are perfect and Easter Saturday is full moon. You just can’t ask for better fishing conditions.

A fishing story from a local couple from West Point; who were out fishing on the Jetty recently with their trusty dog alongside. Along came a Picnic Bay couple and the missus was afraid of dogs. She threw her hands in the air began to shake in terror when the trusty mutt decided she wanted to play and ran up for a pat. Of course everyone when to the poor lady’s aide and that’s when a fish decided to take off with the rod. It was over the edge and lost to the water before anyone could rush to the rescue. Last week it was returned to him by a friend who found it and retrieved it. This particular rig was never purchased in the first place. Our intrepid fisho had scored it in near new condition in a cast net in Karumba a while back. His missus reckons “it is meant for the ocean”.

Onshore Fishing

Good Bait schools are the prerequisite to good pelagic fishing. If you are looking for bait schools, in close, they are absolutely everywhere. Prawns are all through the harbour. Massive Herring schools are sitting of the southern end of WestPoint. Jelly Prawns and Pillies are moving up and down the beach at Horseshoe following the current. This means lots of fun with the right lures. I have had my son up here for a week. If there is anyone crazier about fishing than me it is Mitchell. It has been a bonanza of lure fishing highlights.

Horseshoe Bay is still Tarpon Central and they all have good weights 1.5-2kg. These fish are amazing lure fun and we really never tire of the leaps, backward flips and energetic runs that hooking a tarpon means. We only kept one for strip bait and released all the others to fight again. What’s more fun though, is the monsters following the Tarpon. Fish that eat 2kg Tarpon are an even better fight. Case in point was the 1.2m 10kg plus Queenie we landed that was lurking behind the Tarpon. What a spectacular set of leaps, all captured on Go Pro. Also smashing Tarpon at regular intervals are Barra GTs, Goldies and Macks. So much lure fun at the right time.
The secret is to follow the prawns, don’t stay static. Watch and follow the action.
West Point has Mack’s and Barra smashing the mullet and Herring on the southern side, though for some reason all rods are up the northern End. I guess most of the rods are manned by wine drinking sunset lovers. There have been several good Fingermark
Golden snapper caught both at West Point and Horseshoe bay, following the bait in close. GT’s are running well.

Check out the cracker Golden Trevally caught by Bradly Wright in the Pic of the week.
Bradley was holidaying from Helensvale on the Gold Coast at Picnic bay with his Mum Wendie and Dad Mark when he hooked this beauty at West Point! A very proud moment for this 8 year old fisho!

The Harbour still has some elusive Barra, and much more catchable GT’s smashing prawns. Ray C dropped a meter Barra near the public boat ramp, Wednesday, on a brand new rig he just bought. Working a soft plastic in the shallows the brute smashed the wiggling lure and stayed on for 20 seconds before cutting the line and bolting. One happy Barra and one upset Ray.

Spearfishing NT Barra

Interesting fishing legislation in NT

“Current legislation permits spearfishing for most fish species. However, the take of barramundi by spear gun is prohibited. A person may only take a barramundi using various gear types including a hand spear or bow and arrow (excluding crossbow)” Bow and Arrow? Wow that sounds crazy.
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty
Cheers Dale
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