Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on the Rock

What a beautiful week on our Maggie. There were finally a couple of great fishing days, where the winds dropped and boaties could get out.

I had the tinnie out Saturday and I saw what I’m pretty sure was a huge Loggerhead Turtle in the shallow water in Nelly Bay. It came up right near the boat and I got quite a start, as did he. He was huge, maybe 70-90kg, just awesome to see.

I also notice on the occasions that I go past Rocky Bay these days that there seems to be a permanent tent set up, like someone lives there, but I don’t know the story. Maybe somebody can enlighten lightened me as to who’s camping there.

We had some major complaints and some flat tires at the boat ramp at Nelly Bay as the weather improved and boats used the ramp for the first time since the 2 destroyed boats were removed last week. On the low tide there was glass, screws, nails and general debris between the ramp cracks. After a couple of calls to the main TCC number our local Council boys came to the rescue and made sure that the ramp was safe for the weekend.

If you want to take anyone fishing, find a fishing buddy that doesn’t like seafood. I had a tinny run with G man Sunday. When you go out flicking a lure with G you get to eat it all the fish and any legal crabs in the pots, including the big mud crab that was dinner Sunday night.

Can anyone tell me if they are getting many Jennys in their pots? I haven’t seen many at all lately, which is strange. Is it the lack of rain causing the breeders to stay deep or another reason?

Fishing Maggie by Land

Dan from Alaska spends half the year on the Island, between his job requirements in Alaska. Dan is addicted to West Point fishing, and has promised to give me regular updates. His first update was so good that I’ve just printed it as it is. Dan smashed a 1.07M Queenie this week to take the fish of the week. For those that don’t know Dan, have you ever watched Deadliest Catch on TV? Dan works on a boat that goes out and rescues/ salvages those boats in horrible conditions when they are in trouble, or run aground. What an interesting and full on job. Dan’s email as follows.

“Hi Dale! Here is a couple of pics of a beaut Queenie I caught Thursday night right after sunset at West Point on a live bait and  2/0 hook, on that $35.00 rod and reel combo I bought in your shop on Wednesday. I had my doubts about how the tackle would handle a big fish and I am mighty pleased at the performance of the rod, reel and line. I had the fish hooked deep in the throat and if not for the wire leader the line would have been cut I am sure. The fish measured at 1meter 70mm, by far the biggest Queenie I have caught! It has been only my 2nd night back on Maggie from my work in Alaska, a nice start to my time off :) I stopped by today to show you the pics but you were gone fishing. I saw about 10 rods with lines in the water and one small shark caught was all by dark when most people left.”

Nelly Bay beach has seen a return of GT schools. Giant Trevally is the most numerous fish around the Island at the moment and great fun on light gear. Halco flashers, soft plastics, squid all work well. At night the GT’s are back to the harbour schooling just off the Ferry terminal.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

Graham scored a trip out deep with W and K. The boys bagged out on Trout and came home early in a very productive morning session. The boys also smashed out some top Spaniards, which were schooling in big numbers just off the reef.

John gave up his first big run on his new 26’ Seaswirl to go out to Davies on a luxury 36’ Custom Lohr. (The choices some people have to make.) The boys had a great trip out, but the return was really lumpy, even for that size and quality American built boat.

Grey Mack’s were in some numbers off Young Bay. Sandor and Bob had a good Grey session of Westie on Friday, and the town boats got into them over the weekend. The greys were Smallish 70-80cm, but at least it’s a season start. The town boats run through and stir them up, then toss soft plastics and flashers at them.

I had a cool plastics session at Cockle in the Tinny on Saturday for 2 hours, top of the tide, using just one type of Zman Streaks,and a Zerek fish Trap. The result was 2 Jacks, GT, Cuda’s, and a flattie, with a dropped Barra just after 9.30, and a few dropped somethings. Sunday morning I tried to repeat the session and it was really quiet, GT and Cuda only. I did the same everything, but it was a different day.

Barnacle Bill has now finished up, and business buyer John will be starting fishing trips from next week. It will be interesting to see how it all goes with Christmas on the way.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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