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What’s New on the Rock

The heat has been oppressive for the last 2 weeks as the real tropical summer finally arrived. There were some mishaps this week, mainly due to higher level of activity in boating, fishing. 10 Year old Tim got a surprise dunking when he tried to wind in a jetty pylon at Picnic Bay. Tim cast out his line, and managed to wrap the hook around the timber post. Leaning over the edge Tim was yanking the line to free the tackle, when he unbalanced, and did a graceless and embarrassing plunge into the murky waters. With startled anglers watching and Dad observing even more carefully, the sodden Tim swam to the steel ladder and exited the weedy waters. The rod is still down there, nobody seemed too keen to salvage the cheaper end rig.

Another person had the misfortune to slip down the Nelly Bay boat ramp, and ended up scraped and bleeding in the drink. Be very careful on Nelly Bay boat ramp because the slippery algae builds up quick, due to the calm and very warm harbour waters, and this makes the ramp as slippery as ice.

A super keen fisherman attempting to rock fish near the culvert at Nelly became wedged in rocks, needing some help with the tide rising.

The HB markets had a late cancellation Sunday morning , as some very welcome heavy but localized downpours soaked the Island. That brief stormy period fired up the fish during and directly afterwards, with a run of hungry Trevally, Dart, and Tarpon biting across the bay.

I read a story this week of a US spear fisherman that speared a 413lb Marlin while spearfishing in a kelp bed. That’s just nutty. Apparently he was dragged at speed through the water, and went waterskiing, via Marlin express, before finally getting close enough to his boat to pass the line to his Dad. After that they battled the furious Alpha predator for 2 more hours plus before finally landing it. Talk about extreme spearfishing.

Fishing Maggie by Land

Nelly Bay has been the best fishing bay of the week for land based fishing with Trout Reds and other reef residing species being extremely active in the rocky and still murky waters, Lures and pillie baits have produced the best. The presiding NNE winds have meant calmer waters on the Nelly Bay side of the Island.

For those of you that like fishing for Grunter, (most of us because they taste succulent and amazing,) then you had better get out to Cockle Bay and Young Bay. The holes and structures are holding good Grunter numbers. Live bait is always the best option for these fish, but if you can’t get any with the net, make sure you have some good Australian squid or prawn in the esky.

A couple of anglers spotted live squid in Young Bay near the rubble, and also found squid in the stomachs some of the Grunter. Fish light gear for better results.

Fishing Maggie by Boat

The boat fishing has been fantastic. Big Reds out deep, Trout and Reds in close, it’s a great time of year. Night fishing in Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay can be very productive. Matt snapped up some great keeper Reds in the middle of Nelly Friday night, after a slow start catching inferior quality Slatey Bream. Some visitors staying on the esplanade were catching Coral Trout to 3kg in Nelly and Picnic Bay. Every time I saw them they were holding up the latest catch, just from small bommie’s around the bays. Top of the tide seems to work the best.

Some mates and I have been having few jigging sessions on the channel markers to test for school mackerel (doggies) and checking for any Greys and Spanny’s. The doggies frequenting these pylons have been nudging the 60 to 65cm mark and Fingermark and GT’s have also been hanging around the ones holding the big bit schools. Move from one to another, find the s that hold large bait schools, (often harassed by doggie and grey Mack’s.) and have a go. Locate schools of fish that are sitting on the bottom under the bait. Drift over and drop soft plastics to the bottom and then use a slow lift and drop motion repeatedly. I have had good success catching Mack’s, Fingermark, Gt’s, cod and many other species.

Dave D showed me a great pic of a 5kg Red he picked up in one of his favourite haunts. Nice fish mate. The calmer waters have allowed smaller boats to go to their favourite haunts and finally on the good tides. Josh boated one of the biggest Gt’s he has seen recently. Pushing 30kg the beast took a livie out at Container for 40 minutes of reel and drag destroying action.

This coming weekend should be good for island fishing with good tides and reasonable weather.

Until next time, gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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