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Barramundi and Megnetic Island

The word Barramundi came from the aboriginal word burumunda just meaning large scale fish. It is now synonymous with this one species only.
Barramundi can grow as large as 55 kg, although 23 kg max size is more common.

Barra mature as males and switch to female at about 80 cm, but only in Salt water. Light tackle is now widely used for this extremely hard fighting fish, and very good strong leader is a must.

Many people don’t necessarily know, but hard fighting local salt water Barra can be found inhabiting almost all habitats of our amazing island. With their beautiful golden glow, tough fighting properties and very tasty firm flesh, they are much sought after.

The saltwater Barra has excellent edible qualities; it is said due to their diet of mainly prawns, although around the island they do love Gar and Poddy Mullet as well.

Magnetic Island has the advantage of picking up juvenile Barra from dozens of creeks, from Cape Cleveland all the way through to Hinchinbrook channel. These juveniles find an area around the island with protection and a good food source, and grow nice and fat on the abundant small prawns and bait fish.
Around the island, the average ages of Barra that are regularly caught are about three hours to 4 years old and size from 55 to 75 cm. From yesterday, the boats start rolling, from town and they do get slammed very hard from now on.

I believe firmly that soft plastics are the best way to target Barra, retrieved very slowly. Another favourite method, especially at night, is with live Mullet which can be caught at many bays including WestPoint and Horseshoe Bay.

My one good tip for fishing Barra is to fish very close to structure, bait schools, beach drop offs and at the head of creeks. Find the prawns and even fish live prawns if you can bet some. Lure fishing is equally productive in murky and clear waters, with noisier lure better on slow tide days.

Fun Barra Facts

Like most Magnetic Islanders, Barra prefer water temps above 20°C and rarely visit Brisbane even for a holiday.

Barra can travel long distances. One tagged Barra was recorded travelling 622 km. Some locals won’t even travel to Picnic Bay because it is too far.

The big female Barra’s can produce at 32 million eggs, so if you can’t catch a Barra, it maybe your techniques need honing.

Fish of the Week

Our fish of the week goes to Sandor for a beauty of a parrot fish caught just off Orchard Rock.
Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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