Fishin’ Maggie

Magnetic Island had yet another dry week, as Tc Tatiana avoided the coast, and went south, while we all yelled “come back”. With our wet season still to materialise, things are looking a bit grim, (although no rainfall is a bonus for tourism.) Is it coincidental that the rain is negligible and bait schools and prawns are scarce?

One exciting event was the reappearance of a medium size school of Greenback Herring under the jetty from last Wednesday onward. That should bring in more predators, plus finally provide anglers live bait other than Hardyheads and Gar.
Can anyone tell me why the creek at the northern end of Picnic Bay is so black smelly and oily looking? Is it vegetation breakdown or pollution? It’s absolutely discusting, and looks worse than bilge sludge.
Fortunately for the Island the dry weather has not affected the Barra population. In fact those couple of big 2 hour rain dumps in some Townsville suburbs last week may well have pushed more of these top tier predators out of the mainland creeks and into the bay. They are absolutely smashing well-presented live baits, mainly after dark. Finding live bait may be tough, but it’s well worth the effort.

Several 90 cm+ Barra’s are currently residing in Gustav Creek. These big girls are jumping out of the water taunting anglers like Nev, but are yet to show interest in and lures. Several witnesses including reported watching the Barra’s jumping on the rising tides.
Congratulations to young Jordan who caught a cracker of a Barra, a sizable Mangrove Jack, and a decent Slatey Bream  last week. Jordan has been putting in the hours after dark, with excellent rewards for his efforts.
Well done also to Tobias, who sent me through his 84 cm Barra Pic, one of three Barra’s ranging from 80 to 90 cm caught at HB boat ramp area last week. Horseshoe bay is currently full of big Barra with the Spearfishing boys sighting plenty in the rocks and around the stinger nets.
MC, a keen Horseshoe bay angler has been taking a rest from fishing after a painful knife incident. MC was performing iki jime  on a top notch Coral Trout caught  in Horseshoe Bay, when he put the knife right through his hand requiring stitches on both sides. ( Iki Jime, or brain spiking has been found to be the most humane way to kill a fish. )
Without my boat working, I had to forgo my mangrove Barra session last week. Instead I thought I would have a play at Picnic Bay on Friday afternoon, landing 4 flathead in 1/12 hours, as well as dropping a monster flattie near the PS George Rennie. Cudas were a pain in the shoaly areas, as they just love plastics, biting the tails off way too many of my favourites. (Even when you get the jig head out of their mouths, the soft plastics are usually stuffed.)

The southern end explored, I then had a walk over the rocks on the northern end past the stinger nets, where things were much quieter, although very picturesque. Finally some squid jigging from the boat ramp.

I don’t know about all of you loyal readers, but Valentine’s Day, in the afternoon cooking fresh calamari caught at Picnic Bay and feeding it to the family? It doesn’t get much better than that.

There are good sized and active squid in the weed beds in Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay, and can be fired up easily, even during the day. They love bright lures on bright days. I use pumpkinseed and fire tiger to stir them up, then a small prawn jig for the catch.

All in all Picnic Bay is probably a better fish away from the jetty, and I should play there more often.

This week we have light winds, good tides and no excuses. Get out there.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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