Fishin’ Maggie

life on the reefWhat’s Happening on Maggie

We started the week expecting some pretty heavy rainfalls courtesy of Severe TC Nathan up north, but as it move further north all chances of any rain for us went with it.
The blue skies and calmer waters have meant that people were back out snorkelling and finally some fishing is happening as well.

There have been no sightings of the 4m croc since February 20th, and rangers say the normal signs indicating a presence is also absent. However, we do live in croc country and it is always wise to remember that, and be croc wise when fishing and swimming.

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Cliff had a hire boat out on Sunday and the hirers forgot to keep an eye on the tides. Yes you guessed it, they were left stranded high and dry in Cockle Bay until the tide came back in allowing them to finally get back in some time after 7pm.

One of the many Tarpon caught by Barnacle BillOnshore Fishing

Barnacle Bill reported that Tarpon are in abundance in Horseshoe Bay and easily caught.

Several good sized Barra have been spotted as well but with all the Tarpon around getting them on the line is proving difficult.

Ian had a bit of fun fishing off the jetty and although everything that jumped on the line was pretty small and had to go back, he did manage to get a couple of squid.

One of the many Tarpon caught by Barnacle Bill

3 sizes cartoonOffshore Fishing

There have been good amounts of mixed reef fish being caught on the reef areas on the western side of the island. Catfish to 8kg have been around as well. Adam also got a very tasty 2.5kg coral trout. The big tides have contributed to a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to what is being caught at the moment.

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