Fishin’ Maggie

The top weather on the weekend motivated lots of residents to chuck in their boats for a run on the water, although the neap tides also meant working hard for your fish. Although it wasn’t dead calm, with Northerlies and North Westerlies, it was worth just being out there looking at the scenery, the turtles, dolphins and dugongs. (We saw one off Liver Point and know what they look like on sounder now). There were plenty of School Mack’s in the big bait balls wide of Rollingstone Bay, and they were the only fish energetic enough to hit a trolled lure.

I heard a rumour that an Island resident was seen spearfishing the Molke. If that is so that is poor form. If I could get more information from anyone, confidentially of course , drop in and tell me. Marine Parks MI are always happy to follow up on law breakers. We have very few green areas, and locals and visitors need to have some fish around to look at.

James and I were pulling in a Mack off Liver Point on Sunday morning, when the two Coast Guard boats went past full noise, I filmed them going past, but being distracted was unprepared for the large wake that hit us. For a few moments I thought I might have to call them back to save us. We went on to have a fun Barra session at Young Bay in the very murky water, my favourite Barra conditions.

A couple of weeks ago, a 45 foot catamaran arrived into Horseshoe Bay from Cairns. The big cat went into the shallow waters in Horseshoe Bay, then tried to reverse the propellers to turn.

Due to a defect on install, as the folding props reversed they unscrewed and fell off into the murky waters. The cat left after installing 2 more props and left the job of locating the lost units to MC. Some of MC’s friends watching last week thought he would not succeed in the murky waters, but he pulled up the first one in short order, feeling along the bottom blindly, after breaking the area into search grids. That job is not for the faint hearted, and excites me about as much as scraping the growth underside of a boat in the harbour.

Matt and I saw a two meter bull shark caught up on the drum line at Rocky Bay on Saturday morning. The very distressed behemoth had wrapped up all the buoys into a ball, and was understandably cranky.

After reporting last week that West point was quiet, AJ and Co had a 6 Barra session on Tuesday. Using mainly dead bait, they caught a 65cm plus Barra each and dropped a further four hard hitting hungry Barra in what turned out to be a dream session.

Another fishing group at Westie caught 5 decent Grunter on old dead strip bait. You just have to be there at the right time.

Nev dropped a cracker of a Barra in the Harbour. Using braid straight to lure turned bad after a trophy Barra cut through with its big gill plates, leaped in the air, then dived and headed for the rocks.

Andi’s from Sandi’s Barra Story

Hi Dale. I have more time to go fishing at the moment while we are closed ( the restaurant).

It took me three days casting the net in Horseshoe Bay and the creek behind it to finally get some fine mullet, I nearly wrecked my net in the creek and had to fix it up several times.

On Tuesday we tried the 50 foot drag net of a friend, wading chest deep in the water for over 1 hour with no stinger suit, but finally we netted two big healthy mullet .

Two hours later, and way after dark.

A huge hit followed by fifteen minutes of line peeling action. Spectators were guessing a big sting ray or shark.

It didn’t jump at all but fought hard with the drag pushing its limit, it was finally in sight. I jumped straight in the water and took her in the gob and by the tail, and I got her. It was my first Barra. I have been on the island for over five years, but at 94cm it was a good first one. I released her safely, to fight another day.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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