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What’s New on the Rock

Rain.. we had between 160-220 mm of rain across the Island, depending on which bay you live in. Can I get a home rain reader at Horseshoe, Picnic and WestPoint with a mobile phone so I can txt for rain results please? At the moment I have to wait until someone drops in for bay by bay results. That way I can keep a regular record on the Magnetic Adventure & Hire website, where everyone can look.

The creeks have finally all had a damn good flush, and Horseshoe Bay Lagoon filled up, burst its banks and poured out into the bay. The sludgy creeks at Picnic flushed as well, (although I’m not sure all those toxins should be in our oceans, it is clear for now.)

Some decent mud crabs are finally on the move, having been enticed from upstream, and the remaining creek prawns have been pushed into the bay. Finally some of those monsoon events that we have been waiting for are happening.

The Mount Cook trip will be scheduled for early May. To all you who expressed interest in the trek, I will keep you updated. If we can get another couple of hundred mm of rain the lagoons on the plateau will still hold some cool down water, and believe me you need it. In the meantime I better get to boot camp and find some fitness.

For fellow lovers of marine history, don’t forget the shipwreck info special this weekend at the History Center at Picnic Bay. Most anglers love that stuff. Around the Island we have more than 20 wrecks including slave trader ships, one of the earliest passenger ships, Patrol boats, and dozens of stories that go with them.

You will also find out about the reef name origins, when they are ship related.

For example “Arab Reef” is named after a troopship. The Arab sailed from Sydney for India in June 1842. As part of a convoy consisting of the troopships John Brewer, Kelso, and the barque Hopkinson, who ran on to reefs north-east of Palm Island, Queensland, 30 June 1842. After six days, the vessels were refloated, and beached for repairs before continuing their voyage. The convoy had 26 officers and 700 men of the 28th Regiment of Foot, known as The Slashers. All you boaties that go to the Slashers, for a snorkel or fish, now you know why they were named.

In the middle of the bay is USSYP 79 a patrol vessel, and around the Island is the Radical, Moltke, City of Adelaide, Argonaut, Morning Light, Coquette (1883 still under our bowls club), just to name a few.

With the wet weather, most anglers have been playing the waiting game. Wayne, never a man to stop fishing for any reason, was rewarded with his first Coral Trout. Wayne pulled a beautiful well fed 55cm trout from the rocks inside the harbour. The Trout was in the oven within an hour and Wayne reckons that was one of the best feeds he has had.

The Flathead have come in close and are taking bright soft plastics at West Point and Picnic Bay. The presence of all these mid-size hungry flatties means top fun on light tackle, go have a flick.

If you want to catch Barra on soft plastics, I have been finding murky water is preferable to clear. I have been testing the Mangroves and my hook-up rate on softies is 3 times better when the water is murkier.

With the weather improving from Wednesday, the weekend fishing should be amazing, I am looking forward to next week’s reports, and yes one of my boats is fixed.


Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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