Fishin’ Maggie

Our special Anzac Day memorial service at Alma Bay, was, as always a poignant and well attended event. Janie and I are always proud to see Mikayla in Navy Cadet Uniform honouring our Veterans.  We are very lucky to have so many wonderful community service organisations for such a small population. The sheer number is never more obvious than Anzac Day, during wreath laying.

On Sunday night, we were just sitting down to watch a movie, when the beautiful sound of bagpipes reverberated through Nelly Bay. Going out to the balcony to search for the source, we were amazed to see a bagpiper standing in the Cove under a street light playing the pipes for a wedding over at Peppers. The Piper must’ve found the place that had the best acoustics and we were treated to some fine Scottish music at full belt. Anything can happen on this special island.

Onshore Fishing

After fishing standing in the water in Horseshoe Bay Sunday morning, trying out a new lure type,  I found out that a suspected Irukandji sting near the nets at Horseshoe Bay had required medical attention. At the end of April, I normally think the stinger season is over, and start splashing around, but that was fair warning that the extra couple of weeks with a Stinger suit is probably worth it. Swim with care for the next couple of weeks.

When I try a new lure, I generally do it as a challenge, taking somebody else to try a variety of their own lures, and I use just the one.

So my new lure score? One Flathead, one Barra hook up, (one rollover and 2 hits), one aerial Queenfish and three slimy Wolf Herring. JF’s tally was 2 Wolf Herring using a mixture of his personal lures. On a single walk along the beach, I would call that a good indicator of a potentially great lure.

The only patch of Jelly Prawns we could find was about midway down HB beach, and that’s where the Queenie and Flattie hook-up was.

Horseshoe bay boat ramp has seen a better Barra week, with no less than three 60-80cm  fish caught on popper. Greg from Melbourne caught one and then caught a big Tarpon. They started filleting the Tarpon, thinking it was good eating, then got told they taste like crap. I now have it at the store for crab bait if anyone wants it.

Catching Barra on popper is one of the best ways to ever get a Barra and few get the opportunity. The most popular popper was the Halco rooster popper in colour Pilchard.

West Point has again been a great performer. Congratulations to Nikea Mills for her first Barra in 16 years on the island. Well done to Greg, and Ray, who both landed Barra 60 to 75 cm. I don’t remember a Barra season as good as this one, and we have a couple of weeks to go before the water cools. Ray also on Wednesday landed 4 big Grunter in a session at Young Bay. You just can’t beat the delicate flavour of baked Grunter with Lemon, ginger and butter. Yumm.

Offshore Fishing

The winds have not let up all week, so it has been super tough for anybody to get out and have a go at the Longtails and Spaniards, which have moved in closer to the island. Excitement is building for the start of Marlin season next month. As it looks like I won’t have my big boat back, I will have to be chasing those Marlin in the little DE Havilland, a much more challenging affair.

For those that don’t minding launching into Horseshoe Bay there are plenty of Doggies out near the southern Shark Buoys, just where the huge bait school is sitting.


Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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