Fishin’ Maggie

Around The Island

One day of relative calm between one windy week and the next windy week. When are we going to see some decent fishing weather, where we can get out deep?

The stinger nets are finally out and the water temperature is just perfect for swimming. No excuses not to have a dip now.

My son Mitchell has arrived for five days of fishing, We try to do a fishing Father/Son trip every two years, and this year we are filming Maggie in all its glory, weather permitting.

Mitchell had an interesting transport experience after flying in from Sydney on Saturday afternoon. In the airport cab rank was a friendly older taxi driver in a maxi taxi. The taxi driver called out for anyone else going to the general area of the ferry terminal, and seven people in total clambered into his Cab The first to alight, paid $18 at Gregory Street, and when the rest  arrived at the ferry terminal they were each charged the discounted rate of $20 each apparently 25% off the regular fare. (He told them that was the share system) The cabbie made $138 from airport to ferry, which is pretty bloody cheeky. I don’t like people ripping off visitors to the Island.

Grant bought a new bargain fishing combo at Magnetic Adventure & Hire last week, which included a very nice bright rattle lure. Unfortunately Grants new kitten, found its colour and noise irresistible, and decided to play with it. The unlucky feline managed to get one treble in one paw and the one stuck in the side of the mouth. One rushed vet visit later and hopefully the playful puss is slightly wiser for the experience.

Gone Fishing

Mitchell and I managed to get out on Sunday with Josh for a run to Keeper and Grub Reef. Horrendous conditions made the trip difficult, but you know how keen anglers are. The good news is, there were plenty of Spaniards out there, and the snorkelling was pretty spectacular as well. I had my first encounter with a huge cuttlefish which was incredible, prehistoric looking creatures they are. The 2.5 hour trip home was interesting, the twin Yamie’s worked hard in the huge seas.

Young Victor bought a tinny, as he is a mad keen fisherman, and has getting out in Horseshoe Bay any time he can get off work.  Last week he hooked his first Spaniard with a Halco I talked him into buying. Victor fought the hard fight, but just towards the end, the Spaniard ran under his boat and snapped his Shimano rod in half. During the ensuing confusion the lucky Spaniard got away. Because there were witnesses in other boats, by the time Victor came in to buy a replacement lure, I knew exactly what had happened, which is standard on Maggie but shocked and surprised him.

Downtime did 2 trips out to Centipede and bagged out on trout both trips. Mitchell and I got 6 Trout off one small bommie on Sunday, so I’m thinking the trout population is pretty healthy.

A late but most welcome Barra for a lucky Melbourne visitor on Friday. Fishing with a hire rod and a pack of Gulp Nemesis, Rodney and his wife were blown away when the 70cm saltie smashed the lure. They said the fight was surprisingly short and they promptly had the beast onshore. They think the Barra was sleepy or cold, so short was the fight.


Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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