Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on the Rock

Congratulations to Matt, on his Barra, also caught in Nelly Bay harbour. This was Matts first Barra, and first Barra is a Golden moment, one to be treasured. Congratulations also to John, who scored a 51cm Coral Trout on soft plastics off the jetty. Working lightly over the coral worked a treat as the hungry Trout annihilated the softie. Also present last week in numbers at the Jetty were real big Queenies including one well over a meter that was not landed. I think that volume of bait in the water in holiday season results in more fish hanging around, and tend to improve fishing in high volume fishing areas.

The Townsville V8 weekend went without a hitch. The weather was magnificent, and it looked to me like everybody had a brilliant time. J and I went over Saturday, with friends from Coffs Harbour for my first V8’s ever, and there were plenty of Maggie residents in attendance. I loved the US stadium trucks most, they could really jump, and what a show they put on.

On The Boats

Sunday having guests meant we were obligated to do the Island tourist thing, and take the guests out on the water. Thanks to Wally who put the belts back on his motors so we could cruise in style, and we went around the island in his 31 footer. As it turned out, this was preferable to my little De-Havilland, especially given the afternoon sea chop and the rescue soon to come. I had just dropped out the trolling lines off Picnic Bay, my guests had cheese and biscuits, wine and beer in hand, and the afternoon was set, when behind us, I saw a 5.4m boat in big trouble. Their boat was trolling, when the motor caught fire, smoke billowing into the sky. Fire on a boat is a very dangerous event, but fortunately the couple had an extinguisher on board, and quickly contained the fire. By the time we had done a quick 180, lines back in, and headed to their aid; the E-Tec was a goner, a blackened lump of metal. We towed them back to town, a lovely couple called Ivan and Sharon, but that boat was going to need 15-20k for a new motor. As Murphy would have it Ivan owned an Auxiliary motor, which he had forgotten to mount that day. Fortunately for them we were in a boat big enough to tow them all the way back to the Coastguard ramp in the sloppy conditions. That task done the trip around Island had to be sped up with fishing time severely limited. We did find a patch of Doggies in Horseshoe Bay, and still had a sweet afternoon showcasing our bays. I also caught my speediest Wolf Herring at 8.5 knots on a giant 120gm Knight lure. That was unexpected.

Sandor bagged out on Spaniards in 45 minutes at Brewer on his trip last week, providing some proof that the Spanny’s are finally here in numbers. Sandos said Brewer Reef was absolutely alive with Spannie’s, most 7-10 kgs , but with a few stonkers around as well.

Whales turned up in numbers Wednesday and Thursday off Florence Bay and out in Cleveland Bay to the enormous enjoyment of boaties and Tour visitors. Last year we had a mother and baby here for 3 weeks, so we all hope they arrive back safe as well.

I heard of this predicted rain event in our dry season this week? I think we will all be wondering if the dome will go up again, or whether we get a soaking. Townsville desperately needs rain around the catchments, and it also fires up the fishing, so let’s hope for a decent fall.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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