Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on the Rock

Congratulations to Clarence Mcherney aged 4 for his 51cm Longnose Trevally caught off Cockle Bay. All Trevally fight very hard and for a 4 year old the battle is huge. That’s a great job Clarence.

I took a drive out to check the road conditions at WestPoint last week to have a look at the rain damage. The road is a disgrace and desperately needs a grader over the top. All those who use the road, and want it fixed call the Townsville City Council 1300 878 001 and request repairs, as it is a town function to order the road repaired.  One trip out and back and everything that was hanging or affixed to the car was shaken off and lying on the floor by the time I got back. Even Janie’s favourite Spiderman figurine wasn’t strong enough to hold onto the windscreen, his 4 sucker’s vibrated off and he tumbled to the floor to join the vent air fresheners and mirror.

I was down at the Marlin bar having Ale recently, when the escapee croc was finally caught again, by the terrific and talented staff at Bungalow Bay. He was hanging in the creek behind the shops, and provided much entertainment and pictures for amazed visitors as the staff showed the little cutie off, before taking him back to his home at the park.

There were less happy times for a 3m 150kg plus Lemon Shark caught on a drumline at Horseshoe Bay on Friday.  The harmless ( to humans) shark, (Negaprion Brevirostris) was on the surface trapped on the drumline at the top end of the bay, and clearly unhappy to be there. Despite calls to MSQ the shark was still there into the evening. Unfortunately for some local boats who would have loved to release the non-aggressive fish, it is illegal to tamper or touch a drum line, and I have heard stories of people charged and fined.

A passenger ferry allegedly had a Jet Ski rider playing games in front of the boat resulting in a ferry having to take avoiding action on the weekend. It is pretty stupid taking on a 300 tonne Ferry when you are on a 2M Jet Ski.

Do you all see the massive 163 foot Mega Yacht “Legacy” who paid us a visit on Thursday and Friday? On Charter and catering to only 12 guests at a time at $300,000 per day, this slick boat moored off White lady bay and enjoyed our amazing sunrises and sunsets before heading out to the reef. What a lifestyle, but how would you ever get off something so beautiful at the end of the charter?

Off the Shore & on the Boats

Congratulations to Dave for his magnificent 13kg Cobia, caught in his favourite Grunter spot. Towards the end of his fish, Dave had a chunk of squid dangling in the water when the big fish swallowed the bait on a 4/0 hook. On lighter gear the fish ran fast and hard (as Cobia do), surfacing the first time too far away for an ID,  then diving and continuing the battle for another 10 minutes. Finally the fat Cobia was gaffed on the second attempt 10 minutes later by the elated angler. Gaffing a prise fish is always a nervous time as that is when most big fish find some extra power and get off.

Miss Nelly has started her afternoon runs, for all those who know what that means, (Mackerel time). Mackerel have been caught all around the Island this week, lots of Doggies, a couple of Greys and some nice Spaniards.

The boats that went to the shoals on Sunday were very disappointed as the Mack’s were not to be found out there, although they were off the cape in small numbers. The first Game fishing Competition of winter, ( Call this winter?) was a tough affair with Marlin hard to find. Several Marlin and a couple of Sailfish were tagged, but the bait schools were very hard to find, and the comp was a tough one. One boat reported Mack Tunas were nearly in plague proportions where they were fishing, causing difficulties keeping a bait in the water for the more prized game fish.

Unfortunately for boaties, that spectacular calm weekend is over, and the winds are predicted to stay moderate to strong for the next week or so, West Point will be the go for a relaxing shore fish, and Horseshoe Bay will probably be the only boating bay.

Remember, “To the world it may be just one fish but to me it is the World”

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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