Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

A big Thumbs down to a large centre console boat seen by locals on the weekend fishing well inside Florence Bay. P… Cat you have been reported to Fisheries. Despite being notified over radio they continued to fish inside the green zone. Florence Bay has all our friendly fish, used to interactions with people, and important for conservation and tourism. Keep an eye out for this boat in our green zones and get pictures. These boaties are the Magnetic Adventure & Hire mongrels of the week.

Just another note on zoning, here’s a clarification of the trolling rules in yellow zones, as I was asked again by someone last week. You can troll up to 3 lines on your own even in the yellow zones. In other words you can troll 3 lines through Arthur Bay, all of Cleveland Bay, and all the way around the Island, even if you are boating on your own.

Have a look at the underwater blue lights on that beautiful boat “The Wiz” at night in front of Peppers. At 10.30 pm Friday night there was schools of Trevally, Mackerel, Butterfish, small squid and many other cool species, all circling the powerful lights. It was quite a spectacle to see so many fish at night, just like an outdoor aquarium. Check it out after the lights have been on for a while, it’s very cool. By the way if anyone wants to buy The Wiz she is available I believe for just under a million bucks, what a bargain.

Early in the week the shark buoy maintenance boat was seen leaving Horseshoe with a big lean as a very large shark was towed out to deeper waters. Im still convinced the shark population is very health, and fortunately very well fed.

Registrations for the Magnetic Adventure & Hire Children’s Fishing Competition start this week drop in or call up to register your children. This year will be the biggest yet with great prizes and a sausage sizzle during presentations.

A couple of non-dangerous stingers upset some snorkelers at Radical Bay. They delivered a very mild sting to one lady but the biggest issue was the fear factor, causing some snorkelers to cancel their swimming adventures. I found one over at Cockle Bay trapped by the dropping tide. The one I found at looked like a moon jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita), one of the most common in the world, the sting is very mild to humans. There may be a few of these around, nothing to panic about.

Fishing Maggie

Mikki dropped a sizable Barra at the last moment on Saturday night in Gustav Creek. Mikki had freed the wily Barra from one pylon wrap successfully, but just as John was about to net the fish it found another pylon and snapped the line. We watched as the sudden realisation that it was free set in, and then it took off for the depths with a flick of its tail. Mikki was understandably devastated, it would have been her first since coming back to Maggie. Small Grunter and GT soon after softened the pain just a little. I think she may be fired up to start fishing again though.

Tim is back for his annual holiday. All the way from Portland down in the cold country, Tim was telling me the Pilchards are so thick you can scoop them off the beaches with a bucket. With the massive bait schools are thousands of big Tuna, Snapper and Kingfish. Tim said the season down there is the biggest for many years, but he is looking forward to warm water fishing with us again.

Congratulations to Wade for his 94cm Trout in Nelly Bay. That’s a top Trout anytime but only 30 m off the beach it is an incredible catch. Wade as you may know has the small catamaran that makes such a great dive platform. Wade agrees with many that the Trout population is very healthy this year.

Mackerel are still in numbers around the Pylons, particularly the Eastern ones.

Ron found a patch of Wolf Herring and Queenies in the harbour near the public boat ramp. I haven’t seen Wolfie’s in the Harbour before, an unusual occurrence. Ron bought a new metal slice, took it down, lost it to a big fish, and was back for another within 15 minutes. Toothy critters are great for our business.

I’m off to play in the Billfish tournament this week, it could be rough, but always fun.

Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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