Fishin’ Maggie

What’s Happening on Maggie

Race week is nigh, and the harbour is about to be filled with big racing yachts and cacophonous parties as the usual suspects enjoy a cruzy week of aquatic fun. With mother and baby whale around still, (sighted nearly every day last week), the race boats will have to sail with extra care, as they are so quiet and fast. The mother and bub have been hanging around Nelly area for about five weeks. and the cool visual display each day is tiny baby breaching continuously, obviously practicing hard . I’m guessing that they’re ready to move on in the next week or two, so if you got a chance to go out on a boat for a look this week then do it.

On the subject of whales, sadly a dead baby whale was found floating Near Aims just off the Cape during the week. The baby whale appeared healthy and strong, and there was no obvious evidence of the reason for death. Theories include beaching after losing contact with mum and also possible heart attack.
There is a lump on the radar with Nannygai and Trout holding, just off Hawking’s Point about 50 m, fairly near one of the shark buoys. I was told last week that it was from a dozer that fell off the barge in the 1960s. Can anyone confirm that for me please?

Now Anglers this major QLD green paper on fisheries management has input available until 30 September. I know we should all have a say about fishing in our area so please go to and help us manage the fishery that we live in and use. It has not been talked about much but there are big changes possible, including bag limit changes so go have your say. I will break down some of the main points next edition.

Fishing Maggie on Land

If you haven’t gone fishing for some dinner Grunter yet, you need to get out there. Doug said WestPoint was still producing lots of Quality Grunter, and I am still catching them in Gustav Creek on a regular basis. The prawns are in still, following the tide in Young and Bolger Bay, so of course the Grunter are following. Coz got his big bucket of prawns last week on the drag and has been enjoying a fresh prawn feed daily.
I had little grandson TJ over here on the weekend so we chucked some poppers in at Horseshoe Bay Sunday. TJ got his first GT on popper, so he was really stoked. Well done TJ. GTs and Goldie’s are also in close in the early am and evening so go chuck a popper, or small flasher. (TJ might forgive me now for getting his brother a Barra before him.)
Happy Birthday and congratulations to Liam who landed 2 quality Trout off the Cape on Friday, Not to be deterred by some very average boating conditions the boys worked hard with great results.

Fishing Maggie – Boating

Liam caught the featured two magnificent Coral Trout on his birthday off the Cape on Thursday. Happy birthday and top catch Liam.

Congratulations on a very respectable cobia to Rita, just off Horseshoe Bay near White Rock. Hubby Frank got a big Deep Sea Catfish as a consolation prize, not as good eating but a top fighter.

I had a guy came in to the shop on Saturday, and had read my article about the Billfish Tournament. He told me that as he has a yacht, he doesn’t very often get Billfish on his Lures. Billfish tend to enjoy big noise and bubbles. He did tell me though that coming back from Lodestone Reef very recently, he hooked up and got to the side of the boat, a two meter black Marlin, before it threw the hook and took off for the deep. There is absolutely no reason anyone on the Island with a 4.5m plus boat can’t go off the Cape and chase a Marlin. Some of the bait schools that attract Billies are very close-in, and reachable by smaller boats. You just need the right lures a sounder and lots of patience.

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Until next time gone Fishin’…. be back at dark-thirty

Cheers Dale

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